Name in different languages:

English                  :        Blinding tree

Hindi                      :        Hura

Sanskrit                 :        Dhupvarukchh

Bengali                  :        Ganva, Geriya

Marathi                  :        Geva, Pungali, Suring

Kannada                :        Hara, Haro

Tamil                     :        Aagdil, Agi, Ambalatti

Telugu                   :         Chilla tella

Latin                     :         Axcoeceria agallocha


          Blinding tree milk is purgative and alleviates poison. If its milk falls on the skin, it generates spots on the skin. If its milk falls in the eyes, apply butter or curd in the eyes and also tie bandage of curd on the eyes. If its milk falls on the nose, it generates inflammation and swelling on the nose. Blinding tree resin increases sexual power and sperm count. Mix its milk with oil and coat it on leprosy (white flex), it provides relief. Applying its milk upon scorpion bite, it alleviates scorpion poison.