Blatta orientaris




           Blatta Orientalis has known to be very beneficial for curing asthma. Taking this medicine cures asthma and burning sensation of the respiratory pipe.

           Blatta Orientalis is also very useful for curing swelling of the respiratory tube, cough, breathing problems and T.B. of the lungs. This medicine cures diseases of fat person quickly. Taking Blatta Orientalis prevents excessive phlegm like pus coming with cough.

         The patient suffers from burning sensation of the respiratory pipe, T. B., excessive pusing and cough with breathing relaxation. Blatta Orientalis can be used for curing above symptoms.


           These symptoms aggravate by lying down, in rainy seasons and at night.


           Taking Blatta Orientalis brings phlegm out and ameliorates diseases.


           The lower potency of Blatta Orientalis should be taken in the preliminary stage of disease. If the patient suffers from giddiness or senselessness with cough, the high potency of it should be given to that patient. This medicine should be stopped taking after curing disease.