Blatta orientalis




            Blatta Orientalis is used for curing many types of disease, but it is very beneficial especially in asthma, cough and breathing problems. Blatta Orientalis acts rapidly in diseases and cures them quickly.

Useful in different symptoms:

Symptoms related to the respiratory systems: Blatta Orientalis is very useful for curing asthma. Taking lower potency of it in the initial stage or violent stage of asthma provides complete relief. If the patient suffers from chronic asthma, the higher potency of Blatta Orientalis should be given to the patient. This medicine is also advantageous for curing cough, problems of inhaling and swelling in the respiratory-pipe. In the possibility of suffocation and phlegm like pus, taking Blatta Orientalis provides quick relief in above symptoms.


            Blatta Orientalis is used as its mother tincture or 3x, 6x or 2 to 200 potency. Its lower potency is used in the period of disease, higher potency is used in conditions of cough and situation like senselessness and it is stopped taking after curing disease.