Blackening of hair and exercises

Blackening of hair and exercises


         Till before some time, grey hair of a person describes the age of a person. Here it means to say that grey hair is the sign of old age and that affected person is aged. But, time has been changed now and young people are becoming the victim of grey hair day by day. Such kinds of people have only one way to hide their grey hair and it is coloring of hair. Generally, old people used to blacken their hair on some special occasions. Nowadays, coloring of hair has become a fashion not a mean to hide grey hair. 

         If you have grey hair on large scale or minimum scale, you will have to apply henna on every week. You will have to spend too much time in the application of henna on the hair. Henna is immersed in water for four hours and then it is applied on the hair for fours hours to. Thereafter, one or two hours are spent when head is washed and dried. Thus, a person spends almost 9-10 hours in the application of henna. You will have to face lots of problem if you are going in any marriage. In this case, knowing any method by which you may color your hair soon is good or not.

        To make hair beautiful, coloring of hair is not less important along with hair cut style. Specially, when your hair has lost its shine and beauty completely or hair does not suit face complexion. Coloring of hair by different colors has become a part of fashion. Custom of coloring hair by different colors is growing day by day to get new or change look on any special occasion as marriage or festival.   

         Now, different kinds of equipments are available for coloring hair. You can color your hair at your home with the help of such equipments. Such colors are temporary and you can remove such kinds of colors by washing after the party or special occasion. Color of hair keeps on staying on the hair for long time if you get colored your hair in saloon or beauty parlor.

         Coloring hair depends on your face, fashion or living styles to some extant. Coloring of hair brings fairness in the skin. You can color your hair dark around the face from its last endings according to faded skin of the face in winter season after going at hair saloon. This formula brings glow on the faded skin. Thus, hair is colored according your dressing, complexion and liking. Generally, golden and black colors are used on large scale to blacken hair.      

         Several other kinds of color are also available in the market to color hair. Several shampoos of temporary colors are available in the market to change hair color completely but for sometime. This kind of color disappears just after washing head. But there are some shampoos available in the market of which color remain on the hair for long time.


  • You will get such kind of cream in modern massage parlor by which you can get rid of this hair problem. Achieving such kinds of cream was hard before some time but now it can be purchased easily. Shades of such kinds of creams are available in the market or in parlors. You are thinking now that it is a kind dye but it is not a dye. Dye blackens only hair and is harmful for hair skin. In addition to, hair becomes start to gray. This kind of cream is quite different from dye. The use of such kind of cream stops the continuity of growing hair. It is not harmful for head skin.
  • You can choose many colors of it easily according to natural hair color. It is available in brown, golden, red and many other shades. If your hair is white, you have to ways. First, you can give desirable color to the hair or the real color of the hair. This cream is used once in a month. If hair growth is slow, you can use it after one and half month. Only 30-40 minutes are sufficient to apply this cream on the hair. Observe minutely before using it whether henna color has been disappeared completely or not. This cream has proved boon for homemakers and now, large number of men are using it.  
  • Working women have to observe domestic deeds along with their office work and children care. In this situation, they don’t have 5-6 hours for themselves. Application of henna is another thing for the nutrition of hair but application of henna on time to time is essential to color hair. In this situation, you can get desirable hair color only by spending one hour.   
  • Only touching remains after the application of it on the first time at beauty parlor. This job can be done at home easily. It is not only for women but also for men.
  • Besides natural colors, there are several shades as green, red, yellow and any other color available in the market too if you want to color your hair in any other color instead of natural color.