Name in different languages:

English      -         Bitter-gourd

Hindi          -         Chhota enaaru, Endrayan, Bishlombi

Sanskrit     -         Eindri, kshudphala, Gavaahi, Vishghni

Marathi      -         Laghukaavandal, Tamamki, Karit, Endrayan

Gujrati       -         Endravarun, Ghuleendravan, Homeikke   Gaaybasukanu

Bengali      -         Kundruki, Raakhaal naadu

Rajasthani -         Endrarun, Guntumbo, Tastumbi

Latin          -         Cucumis trigonus


            Bitter-gourd is small, bitter, pungent, purgative and hot. It increases digestion power and ends sterility. It alleviates poisoning and kills stomach worms. It cures wounds, stomach diseases, tumours, white flecks, fever, dysentery, arthritis, testicles enlargement and throat tumours. It brings out phlegm and reduces warmth. Bitter-gourd has more qualities to causes loose motions and vomiting than Bitter-apple.