Bismuthum is used for curing many types of diseases. This medicine is useful in different diseases like- head diseases, urinary diseases, stomach diseases and problems of the respiratory systems.

Useful in different symptoms:

Mind related symptoms: The patient is not able to bear loneliness due to mental unbalance and he always wants to live in joyful environment. He goes on telling his sorrows and pains to others. He remains always upset and unsatisfied. Bismuthum should be given to that patient in above symptoms. It provides quick relief.

Head related symptoms: Bismuthum should be used in cases of headache, stomachache, feeling of body heaviness, gums and teeth diseases, toothache, lancinating pain in the upper side of the right eye, feeling of pressure, pain in the rear of his head which aggravates by moving the body and feeling of intensive neuralgic pain as if someone has torn the suffered part with a scissor (chimti). The patient suffers from gums pain, and this pain aggravates by eating food and ameliorates by coldness. The patient also suffers from such headache which always occurs in winter. This medicine provides quick relief in these symptoms. 

Bismuthum is also used for curing problems of excessive laziness, mental disorders, profuse sweating of the body, nervousness, facial yellowness and black circles around the eyes.

Mouth related symptoms: Bismuthum is the best medicine for curing problems of gums swelling, tongue-whiteness, tongue swelling, blackness in the end and edges of the tongue, excessive salivation, feeling frequent thirst of cold water, teeth looseness and toothache that is ameliorated after drinking cold water. It cures mouth blisters and other diseases related to the mouth. It also makes teeth and gums strong.

Symptoms of child diseases: Giving Bismuthum to the child cures serious cases of cholera and chronic cholera. In cholera, child suffers from dilute loose motions, excessive thirst, frequent vomiting, offensive loose motions and profuse and warm sweating from the body. Giving Bismuthum to the child cures above symptoms and cholera.

Stomach related symptoms: The patient suffers from vomiting with suffocation and pain. The patient vomits just after drinking water or taking other beverages. Giving Bismuthum to the suffered patient cures vomiting. 

Bismuthum should be taken for curing stomach heaviness, burning sensation of the stomach, offensive belching and problems of digestive functions. Sometimes, the patient vomits suddenly after eating food. The patient feels such stomach pain which starts from stomach and moves towards back-bone. It cures vomiting and gets rid of stomach pain.

The patient has been suffering from the swelling of the digestive systems and he gets relief after taking or drinking cold products. The patient suffers from vomiting after taking or drinking cold products. Taking Bismuthum ends above symptoms quickly. In stomach disease, tongue’s colour turns into white and mouth taste turns into sweet or pungent. The patient suffers from intensive pain of the stomach and the patient gets relief after bending himself backwards. The patient feels stomach heaviness, burning sensation in the stomach and stomach-cramps. He suffers from burning sensation of the liver which goes on changing its place. Bismuthum should be taken in such types of symptoms, it provides quick relief.

Symptoms related to loose motions: Bismuthum is used for curing loose motions, vomiting, diluet loose motions, frequent urination and roaring sound inside the stomach. It quenches over thirst and also gets rid of stomach pain like pricking needle.

The patient suffers from dilute loose motions having fast offensive smell and sometimes, loose motions have offensive smell like corpse. The patient also suffers from retention of urine and frequent urination. Bismuthum should be taken in these symptoms for getting relief.

Symptoms of the respiratory systems: The patient feels pain like pricking needle in the middle of diaphragm which moves slowly in the entire body. The patient also suffers from heart pain which starts near it and moves towards fingers of the left hand. These are the symptoms of respiratory systems. Taking Bismuthum provides quick relief in these symptoms.  

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: Bismuthum should be used in cases of weakness caused by paralysis, pain of wrist like chopping, feeling of pain in the hands and feet like twist, scratching like itching on the big bones of calves and near the joints behind the feet, excessive coldness of the hands and feet and feeling of pain specially in arms, fingers and toes nails as if someone is chopping them. 

Symptoms related to sleep: The patient suffers from night mare and sexual dreams while sleeping at the night by that crop of, he feels restlessness and is not able to sleep properly. The patient feels laziness and sleepiness after eating food in the morning. Bismuthum is used for curing such types of symptoms. It ends laziness and night-mare.  

Abdominal symptoms: Bismuthum is used in cases of stomach pain, burning sensation of the chest, stomach burning sensation and intensive pain of the stomach and back bone (spinal cord). The patient gets relief from pain after bending frontward. Bismuthum is also used for curing stomach cancer. The patient feels restlessness caused by diseases, and pain goes on changing its place. The patient scares by living alone. Bismuthum is very useful for curing such types of problems.


Taking this drug causes vomiting, so the patient should not scare, because it cures diseases after vomiting.


Bismuthum can be compared with Antimonium, Arsenicum, Belladonna and Creosote.  


These symptoms aggravate by living alone, in the summers, after eating or drinking and in the winters.


Toothache ameliorates by eating or drinking cold products. The patient also gets relief by working and living with people. 

Anti-miasmatic drugs:

Nux, Capsicum, Calcarea, etc. remove all the bad effects of Bismuthum. 


Bismuthum should be taken from 1 to 6 potency to cure diseases.