Pregnancy articles:


        When a pregnant woman gives birth to young ones without any obstruction, it is called normal and easy birth. Birth process can be divided in to three phases. First, opening and expanding the uterus mouth; second, appearing foetal head and third, the ovule comes out.

First phase-

        The first phase is of 10 to 12 hours or more than it. This time depends on which child born, because this phase takes long time in first child; less time in second child and more less time in third child. In this phase, symptoms like becoming the vaginal wall as thin, spreading and moving foetal head slowly are found. The expanded and contracted part of the vagina helps in coming out uterus mouth. In this phase, a type of greasy material also comes out that is like that of a membrane and is known as sho. Sometimes, amniotic sac is burst out with contraction and amniotic fluid starts coming out.       

Second phase-

        In the second phase of child birth, uterus pressure takes place after every 2-2 minutes and persists for half or a minute. Due to this pressure, the foetus is pushed downward slowly. In this phase, the head of a child can be seen. After that, the vagina keeps on overlapping as layers with contraction slowly. Normally, the foetal head presents upwards and the trunk as downwards.    

        Sometimes, the stomach is also pressed with soft hands from outside for coming out of the baby. In this phase, performing exercise of long breathe is beneficial, because a pregnant has to apply force while giving birth only with holding her breathe. In many cases, surgery is also needed for taking out the baby.   

        When child comes out at the time of birth, mother feels as if faecal materials are coming out. First of all the head of a child comes out at the time of delivery and then one shoulder, other shoulder and at last, the whole trunk comes out. After birth in this way, the second phase is completed. First of all, after birth, the mouth and nose of the baby is cleaned. For this purpose, sometimes, instrument or machine is used. After that, the baby is wrapped in a clean piece of cloth so that his/her body temperature remains under control. The cleanliness of the baby’s eyes is also important after birth.       

        Breathing ability, heartbeats, skin color, movement of hands and legs, touching, etc. are observed after birth. It is called epgar. If the working ability of a child is normal, the stomach of a child is cleaned with checking hands, legs, ears, anus, urethra, back, etc. and the obstruction of food pipe is observed.     

Third phase-

         Coming out of ovule with birth is called third phase.

        After birth, the child remains connected with a cord. It is like that of rope in white, dusty appearance. Foetal heartbeats can be felt through it. It keeps on supplying blood and oxygen in appropriate quantity to the baby (foetus). The other end of this cord remains connected to the ovule which remains attached with the uterus wall. When a child starts weeping and his/her body is turned into pink, it means that his/her heart and lungs start working. At this time, the cord is cut at the distance of about 8 to 10 cm from the child’s navel after clamping.          

         After cutting this cord, be careful that it did not able to touch the ground or any other thing, because it gets infections easily and the baby can be also infected by it. Hence, putting this cord on the stomach of the baby after cutting is suitable (correct). Any medicine can be also applied on the cut cord. This cord is healed slowly within 24 hours and after about 7 to 10 days; it is dried up and separated from the body by leaving a button like fleshy part behind it, which is called navel. It needs extra care till remain present on the body. It should be cleaned with cotton and spirit and insecticides should be also used.               

        After exploding amniotic membrane, this cord (amlical cord) is come many times before child birth. This stage indicates about small shape of the foetus, his/her physical faults, abnormal position of the foetus or excessiveness of amniotic fluid in the uterus.   

       When this cord comes out from the vagina, the circulation of blood in this cord becomes slow and sometimes this circulation is stopped completely due to falling of the pressure of foetal head and hips bones of mother. In this stage, the baby is died inside the uterus due to decreasing its temperature and lack of blood. This is the reason why making the delivery immediately or delivery through operation is useful. 

           In few cases, such condition is not able to trace in beginning. To check out this condition, a doctor has to check through the vagina. In this condition, delivery does not able to take place soon and the heartbeats of the foetus start decreasing. So, it is necessary that as soon as amniotic membrane explodes, a pregnant should be checked through her vagina. In cases, when foetal head is not persist on hips, the possibility of coming this cord is more and after sometimes, it is fallen down by itself after drying with leaving navel marks for whole life.  

          Be careful at the time of birth when the head of the child comes out, because additional fluid is present on his/her face. Therefore, with a piece of clean cloth, the face, nose and mouth of the baby should be cleaned properly otherwise the baby can feel difficulty in breathing due to this fluid. The baby can be hanged as reversed just after taking birth so that greasy fluid inside his/her lungs came to the mouth and did not able to return back into the lungs and the fluid can be removed out carefully with the help of suction. A little quantity of such fluid can be entered in to the lungs, but its excessiveness is not good for him/her. In this condition, it has to be removing out with the help of pipe and has to use medicines. In beginning, the lungs are like a balloon without air, but just after take in breathe first time, the lungs is filled with air. The blood also starts coming out from them and blood having oxygen is reached to the heart from the lungs. In this condition, the heart of the child starts working. At this time, the foetus is also separated from ovule.   

         The ovule, too, starts separating from the uterus wall slowly with little pain and comes out completely through this opening gradually. Sometimes, the ovule can take about 10 minutes to half an hour to come out. In this condition, it can need to massage the mother’s stomach slightly. Even after, it the ovule does not come out, it is called ritand ovule. After coming out, the ovule should be checked out properly, because if even one piece of the ovule did not able come out, the uterus will not able to contract properly and bleeding keeps on continuing.    

          After taking birth, the child is become blue, but as soon as he/she start crying, oxygen and blood also starts circulation in his/her body and the body color is changed in to pink. White greasy fluid presents on the body of the child, which is called vernix. Such greasy fluid is cleaned by wiping his/her body with a piece of clean cloth or by giving bath.

          Little swelling is found on the face of the child, shrinking eyes and few sections of the head are visible as raised, which is called capute. All these are cured by it after sometime. At the time of birth, the force applied on the muscles, capute is formed, but it is cured by itself in few days.  

          At the time of birth, the chest of the baby found little enlarged. In case of girl (child), both the labia are little more brown and swelled; few parts of them are visible as raised outward. Sometimes, little blood also comes out while in case of boy (child), enlargement of the testicles or visible in little blue and brown color are common that is changed with time.

          During pregnancy, a woman should take decision that where she wants to give birth i.e. at home or in the hospital. Delivery should be done under the guidance of any gynecology expert.

Delivery at home-

          In modern time, giving birth at home is not proper, yet if you want to give birth at home, call mid-wife before birth. Well, a pregnant must give birth to her first child in a hospital as far as possible and next child at home. But in case of any difficulty during giving birth to first child, she should give birth to next child also in a hospital.       

Right (ideal) time for going to the hospital to give birth-

        When delivery pain is taking place at the intervals of 15 to 20 minutes or amniotic sac has exploded, you should go to a hospital immediately.     

Preparation before going to the hospital:- 

        It is necessary to stay any responsible person at home after going to the hospital to take care of other children and family member.

          A means (vehicle) should be arranged for going to the hospital.

        All the reports and other important papers (from beginning till present) should be taken while going to the hospital.

        A relative or any other who have proper knowledge of delivery should be called at home before going to the hospital.

        Sometimes a vehicle does not able to arrange at the time of going to the hospital or have to face difficulty in searching maternity (delivery) department when you reach to the hospital. Hence, you must have complete knowledge even of small matters.          

        All the important things and papers should be collected before 1-2 days and take them with going to the hospital. In the hospital too, make the list of all the necessary things and kept with you. If the hospital is at the long distance of your house, all the eatables and drinks should be carried to the hospital. Such type of light or thin cloth should be kept that could dry up soon after washing.     

Test of a pregnant before delivery-

        After checking the heartbeats, blood pressure, pulse rate/min., body temperature, etc. of the child and then enema can be given to the pregnant and she has go for toilet immediately. Due to which, her rectum is cleaned as well as delivery pain is increased. At the time of delivery, the bladder must be also empty, because such type of pain becomes slow due to heaviness of the bladder.   

        Women should sit and lie down always on side so that the child can get appropriate amount of blood. By sitting straight, the pressure of the child falls on blood vessels due to which, the child does not able to get appropriate amount of blood.

        In few modern hospitals, we can see the heartbeats of unborn child on the screen through C.T.G. machine by ourselves and the heartbeats can be measured too in the condition of contracting the uterus.

        A woman always likes that her husband is present at the time of delivery, but husband is not allowed to enter in the delivery chamber (maternity room) in few hospitals while in other, he can enter in this room at delivery time.    

        After that, the pregnant is carried to the maternity room and makes her to lie down on delivery table. Doctor and nurse keep on checking the womb, blood pressure, pulse rate, heartbeats of child, and information of the first phase of delivery through fingers, etc. time-to-time. If the delivery pain is normal, amniotic sac is exploded. At the time of delivery, pain killers can be harmful for both the mother and baby, because the breathe of the baby is short due to it and loose child born. Due to it, the child gets blood having less oxygen and the brain of the child become weak. Therefore, medicines for sleep and pain prove harmful for the child.   

        In few women, child birth is normal, but in few cases, woman has to face many difficulties while giving birth to young ones. Therefore, a woman must give birth under the supervision of an expert doctor only.


        The skin of the child having extra blood circulation is affected by diseases soon. Therefore, the cleanliness of hospital and other staffs of it are most important. Even you must also remain disease free. Otherwise, the child can be suffered from cold, catarrh, cough or skin diseases soon.