Biological effects


        To know biological affects of magnet, many scientists have done lots of experiments and on the basis of these experiments, when magnetized water had used for the growth of plants and trees; to ripe fruits and vegetables; destroy viruses; on animals, birds and aquatic animals, etc., they had found that the positive affects of magnet and magnetized water fall on them. For illustration- when seeds had kept in the contact of magnet, it had found that the seeds had sprouted very fast and plant’s root had also grown deeply in the ground. These plants had grown with more speed than others and few scientists had also observed that when water had magnetized with South Pole and the plants irrigated (watered) with this water, had become short and fat in shape. It had also found that the bannaas obtained after irrigated with this water were big in size and also better in taste. Few Russian scientists had grown big tomatoes and brinjal equal to the size of water melon, but today agricultural science has no any method to grow such big tomatoes and brinjal. It had also observed that the plants watered with magnetized water are grown with up to 20-40% more speed than other plants.               

        If had also found after experiments that foods, meat, fish and other types of eatables matured (ripen) in contact of north pole of magnet are more tastier and healthier than eatables matured in contact of south pole. One more surprising fact had also come in existence that the growth of yeast in liquor and fruits is stopped in the contact of North Pole while this growth is become fast in the contact of South Pole. So, we can say that the North Pole is responsible for preventing those bacteria that take part in the growth of yeast, but in contact of South Pole, these bacteria becomes too active and the rate of yeast growth is increased. In the other words, the North Pole is responsible for preventing bacteria and the South Pole makes this growth fast.      

        When hen’s eggs had kept in contact of magnetic field for different period of time i.e. 30 minutes to 4 hours, various changes had found. when the eggs had kept in contact of magnet for less time, they hatched soon and chickens had come out before time and the weight of those eggs had found more while when the eggs had kept for long time in contact of magnet, small chickens had come out as well as the weight of them had also found less.    

        In another experiment, when rats had kept in contact of 3-4 kg of magnet, the age of those rats had increased progressively comparison to the other rats. By using the magnet on the artificial tumors in rats, it had found that the tumors had not able to grown and in few cases; these tumors had been controlled completely.

        In that age, a type of disease had been also found, in which water is filled inside the stomach. Scientists had done one more experiment too in which about 0.1 ml water had been injected inside the stomach of 11-12 weeks old rats resulting tumors had formed inside the stomach of these rats that had been cut out after 6-8 weeks and water had been taken from them for test. When cells responsible for making water had tested with the help of microscope, it had been seen that the glass leaves (sheet), on which the cells had kept for testing, when had kept in contact of 1500, 2000, 4500, 7100 and 8100 gos of magnet, no any differences had found in the growth of the cells responsible for cancer in case of 1500 and 2000 gos of magnet while on the glass sheet kept in contact of 4500 to 8100 gos of magnet, up to 25% to 98% changes had been found in the cells responsible for cancer. After experiments, it had been found that the high powered magnet is very effective on the animal cells responsible for cancer as well as in the case of human cancer, its best result had found.        

        It has also found after experiments done in Russia that radio active boils had appeared in rats by high amount of x-rays and it had been seen that the affects of it did not fall on many animals. Later, when these animals had kept in magnetic field, they get second life and animals’ diseases had been cured. So, we can say that the magnet also protects from harmful effects of radio activity. 

        It had also found after few experiments that few animals and human are become conscious about earthquake that it has to come and a type of image is flashed in the brain of the human and animal and they also feels something crawling inside their brain. Such types of changes have considered with those magnetic defects that appear before earthquake and it tells about co-relation between the nervous systems and magnetic attraction.

        One more experiment also attracts the entire world done by Russian scientists on animals especially on cows. After this experiment, the Russian scientists had observed that the cows treated by magnet had given extra milk comparison to other cows. After this experiment, the scientists had observed too that the magnet had influenced the endocrine glands of the cows as well as had provided more comfortable condition to them. They had also known that the cows remain satisfied and happy in comfortable conditions resulting they often give extra milk. It means to say that the affects of magnet are become double in comfortable condition.    

        On the basis of experiments, it had also found that the magnet affects too much on the bacteria and their functional ability that is very harmful and are responsible for many diseases inside human body. Few scientists had also found the affects of magnet on few such bacteria and had given name ‘Staphylococci oriels’. These bacteria are responsible for various types of diseases in human body like- upset ness of the stomach, skin diseases, etc. when these bacteria had allowed hatching their eggs; it had seen that hatching process are stopped after 7 hours in the contact of 15 kg of magnet resulting the growth of diseases is stopped in human body. Such types of experiments have also done in America, India, Russia, Japan, etc. after such types of experiments done in these countries, if has found that the affects of magnet fall also on the animals (living organism).