Big Cardamom



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It is brown, blackish and light red. It is pungent. Cardamom plant appears as ginger plant. Its fruits are white and red. Its seeds are black. According to Ayurveda, it is cool. According to Greek medical science, it is hot and dry.Introduction:

           Cardamom is very famous for preventing the foul smell of the mouth because of its rich fragrance. Cardamom is used in betel-leaf. Cardamom is mixed in beverages and sweets for making them perfumed. Cardamom is also used in spices and medicines. There are two kinds of cardamom- big and small. Small cardamom is grown widely in Gujarat and Malabar. Big cardamom is grown in Utter Pradesh, Nepal and hilly areas of Uttranchal. Both types of cardamoms have equal properties but small cardamom is more fragrant than the big.

Name in different languages:

Big cardamom

 English            :          Large cardamom

Hindi                :           Badi elaychi, Lal elaychi

Sanskrit           :           Aila, Sthool, Bahula

Bengali            :           Bad aliyach

Marathi            :           Thokhela

Gujrati             :           Moti aelchi, Jadi aelchi

Persian            :          Helkalk

Latin                 :          Amomam suveletam

Small cardamom

English             :            Salesar cardamom

Hindi                 :           Choti elaychi, gujrati elaychi

Sanskrit           :           Sukshm mailla, Uopkunchika, Tuthadi

Bengali            :           Chhot elaych, Gujrati rani elaych

Marathi            :            Laghuvela

Gujrati             :            Jhili elachi

Persian           :            Healhila

Latin                :            Aelotorea cardamomam

Colour: It is brown, blackish and light red.

Taste: It is pungent.

Structure: Cardamom plant appears as ginger plant. Its fruits are white and red. Its seeds are black.

Nature: According to Ayurveda, it is cool. According to Greek medical science, it is hot and dry.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of big cardamom may be harmful for the intestines.

Removing side effects: Sterculia urens is used for removing the side effects of big cardamom.

Dosage: It should be taken in 5 grams’ quantity.

Quality: Big cardamom enhances digestion power and appetite. It stops loose motions and nauseating. Its seeds make the gums strong and healthy.

Big cardamom is useful in different diseases:

1. Headache: Grind cardamom and apply it on the head to get relief in headache. Smelling its powder is also useful in headache.

2. Stomach pain: Grind two cardamoms and mix with honey. Take this preparation to get rid of stomachache.

3. Cough, asthma, hiccup:

  • Eating cardamom is beneficial for the treatment of cough, asthma and hiccup.
  • Mix cardamom, date-palm and grapes with honey. Licking this mixture is good remedy in cough and asthma. It also ends weakness.

4. Strangury:

  • Taking cardamom with milk cures anuria and dysuria, and passes the urine out easily.
  • Taking the powder of cardamom seeds mixing with honey is very effective medicine for the treatment of strangury.
  • Grind cardamom, bamboo and camphor 30 grams each with sandal oil and prepare 14 tablets of this mixture. Taking these tablets provides relief.

5. Stone: Taking cardamom regularly provides relief in stone.

6. Blood disorder caused by bile: Chew two cardamoms on empty stomach in the morning followed by milk or water daily to get relief in this problem.  

7. Mongoose poison: Taking cardamom powder with curd alleviates the poison of mongoose.

8. To enhance eyesight and strength: Soak cardamom seed, bamboo, camphor and almond 50 grams each together and then filter. Grind them into fine powder with 50 grams pistachio on a stone piece. Boil this mixture in 2 liters of milk and when it becomes like pudding (halwa) then mix 20 grams silver cover in it. Take 10-20 grams this pudding regularly to enhance eyesight and strength.

9. Nervousness and nausea: Grind cardamoms seeds and take or lick mixing with honey. Its use gets rid of a person from nervousness and nausea.

10. Vomiting:

  • Mix 1-2 grams powder of cardamom seeds or 5 drops of cardamom oil in pomegranate syrup. A person gets free from nauseas and vomiting by licking this preparation.
  • Burn the cardamoms with their peels to prepare ash. Lick 600 milligrams this ash mixing with honey many times a day to get relief in vomiting caused by phlegm.

11. Heart problems: Taking equal quantity of cardamom seeds and peeper root with ghee daily in the morning treats all problems pertaining to the heart.

12. Sperm count: Mix cardamom seeds, mace, almond kernel, butter of cow and sugar together. Taking this mixture daily in the morning enhances sperm count and makes the sperm thick.

13. Sperm count: Make powder by grinding equal quantity of winter cherry, asparagus gonoclodos (shatavari), land caltrops, white small musli, cowhedge, seeds of country mallow, ekhera, seeds of cardamom and almonds together and mix sugar in this powder. Taking 5 grams this powder with cow milk twice a day enhances sperm count.

14. Early ejaculation: Grind equal quantity of cardamom seeds and spogel seeds with the juice of Indian gooseberry. Make tablets equal to plum of this mixture. Taking 1 tablet twice a day provides relief.

15. Spermathorrhoea: Giving about 360 milligrams powder of cardamom seeds and toasted asafetida with ghee and milk to the patient prevents sperm with urine.

16. Retention of urine: Mix equal quantity of cardamom seeds, dry ginger and rock salt in pomegranate juice or filtered water of curd. A patient who has been suffering from retention of urine gets relief in this disease by the use of this medicine and urinates easily.

17. Dry cough: Toast small cardamoms on a grid to make coals. Cover these coals with the help of a pot when there is no smoke in it. Make powder by grinding these coals. Licking this powder thrice a day mixing with 500 milligrams ghee and honey provides relief.

18. Cough caused by phlegm: Lick about 500 milligrams fine powder of cardamom seeds and dry ginger’s powder mixing with honey or take 4-5 drops cardamom oil with sugar. The cough caused by phlegm disappears.

19. Phlegm: Mix cardamom seeds, black salt, ghee and honey together. Licking this mixture brings the phlegm out.

20. Fever and chronic fever: Boil cardamom seeds, beel fruit, sathi, milk and water together until milk remains only then put it down and drink.  Its use gets rid of a person from all types of fever and chronic fever.

21. Flatulence: Mix cardamom in the juice or powder of Indian gooseberry. Mix this preparation again with 120 milligrams toasted asafetida and a little juice of lemon. Taking this mixture eliminates stomach gas and ends the stomach pain. Thus, a person gets relief in flatulence. 

22. Pain of all types: Prepare decoction by boiling cardamom seeds, toasted asafetida, impure carbonate of potash (javakshar) and rock salt. Mix a little castor oil in it and give to the patient to drink. Its use provides relief if there is pain in different body organs as pain in heart, navel, forehead, ears, eyes, back and other organs of the body.

23. Heart problems caused by phlegm: Make powder by grinding equal quantity of cardamom seeds, peeper root and leaves of sespadula together. Take 1 to 3 grams this powder with pure ghee to get relief in heart problems caused by phlegm and thus the patient gets rid of heart pain.

24. Nerves pain: Mix 2 grams fresh powder of cardamom seeds and about 120 to 180 milligrams quinine together. Giving this mixture to the affected patient provides quick relief.

25. Blood piles: Make powder by grinding equal quantity of cardamom seeds, saffron, nutmeg, bamboo, camphor, cobra saffron and sankh jeera together. Mix 2 grams this powder with 2 grams honey, 6 grams ghee and 3 grams sugar. The use of this mixture twice a day for 15 days regularly is useful for the treatment of metrorrhagia and blood piles. Jaggery and coconut (khopra) should not be taken during this treatment.

26. Mouth disease: Grind chhalia and big cardamom each 10 grams together to prepare powder. Filter this powder through a cloth. Apply this powder on the sores of mouth and blisters twice or thrice a day to remove them.

27. Gallstone: Grind about half gram big cardamom with the seeds of muskmelon. Taking this preparation regularly provides relief.

28. White leucorrhoea: Make powder by grinding equal quantity of big cardamom and gallnut together. Mix equal quantity of sugar candy in this powder. Taking 2 grams this powder twice a day provides a lot of relief in white leucorrhoea.