There are two types of nerves presents in the body- motor nerves and sensory nerves. When burning sensation or swelling occurs in these nerves due to any reason, it is called ‘Beri-Beri’. The word ‘Beri-Beri’ has derived from Lankaki Sinlali, means ‘Over Weakness’. Some doctors says that it is a type of neuralgic inflammation. This disease occurs due to lack of nutritive diet. In the first stage of this disease, cramps occur in the legs and gulf is swelled up and then both the legs are swelled up. After that, the whole body becomes insensitive same as paralysis. The skin of the patient becomes dry; constipation persists or watery loose motion comes; urine is red and in the last, the heart becomes obsessed. In this stage of Beri-Beri, patient has difficulty in breathing and the heart beat becomes fast. In this disease, there is no any harmful affects falling in the brain; scanty urine or sweat comes or suppressed completely; he has lack of blood (anemia) in his body; swelling occurs in the entire body with strain. Opposite to such symptoms, if profuse sweating and urine comes out with water loose motion; swelling occurs in the lower part of the body; if there is no attack of urinary disease, lungs disease and heart disease, etc., these are good sign of this disease.

Treatment by special way:-

The beri-beri patient should live in warm, fresh and airy room or at higher places. He should take bathe with lukewarm water with the use of different drugs so that profuse sweat came out. He should wear warm clothes all the time.

Diet and abstinence:-

    In this disease, taking whey, milk or the juice of pomegranate, etc. is beneficial.
    The patient should not take sour or hard and heavy things because it can be harmful.


1. Arsenic- This drug is used in all types of Beri-Beri disease. It is also very useful to cure swelling. If the patient does able to move his organs and feels pain; swelling persists with lack of blood in the body, etc., Ars 3x or 6 should be taken.

2. Iod or Lachesis- If beri-beri occurs with heart disease, Iod 3x or Lachesis 6 should be used.

3. Puls or Rhus-tox- If the patient has pain in the case of beri-beri, swelling and lack of blood and Arsenic makes no impression, Puls 2x or Rhus-tox 3x or 200 should be taken.

4. Aconite- In the initial stage of this disease in which the sensory nerves becomes obsessed, taking Aconite 3x is very effective.

5. Strychnia-phos- In the condition of beri-beri, if swelling and burning sensation occurs in the nerves, the powder of Strychnia-phos 3 is beneficial

6. Phosphorus- Phosphorus 3x or 30 is used in the condition of paralysis, weakness in the body and becoming the body thin and becomes tough like organs transplant, etc.

7. Gels- If symptoms like paralysis are found in the patient of beri-beri especially in the lower organs, giving Gels 3 is beneficial.

8. Bryonia, Sepia, Lathyrus-sativa, Secale or Apis-  If any organs have swollen or expanded, any one among Lathyrus-sativa 3, Secale 6, Bryonia 3, Sepia 6 or Apis 2, etc. can be used.
9. Crategus, Cactus or Amyl Nitric- In the case of beri-beri, if the patient’s heart became weak and has symptoms of other diseases, the mother tincture of Crategus, Cactus or Amyl Nitric should be taken.