Bergenia Ligulata



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Name in different languages:

Hindi           :        Barapatri, Vatapatri, Pashanbhed

Sanskrit      :        Vatapatri, Mohini, eravati, Rachani, Marathi, Vatapatri.

Gujarati      :        Barapatri

Bengali       :        Barapata, Paatarkucha

Latin           :        Bergenia Ligulata


         Bergenia Ligulata is sweet, pungent, stimulant and hot in nature. It removes blood disorder, urine disorder and the disease of vagina. It increases power in the body. To cure chronic disease that is caused by syphilis and blood disorder that is caused by taking the polluted substances, give a decoction of its leaves to the patient. Emitting the smoke of its fruits in the mouth kills the worms of teeth.