Berberis aquifolium mahonia




          Mostly, Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia is beneficial in skin diseases. This medicine is useful in liver weakness, laziness, chronic cold, catarrh and normal diseases which do not occur easily. Taking Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia provides strength to all the glands. It nourishes the body too. 

Useful in different symptoms:

Head related symptoms: The person who suffers from headache caused by bile, should take Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia. It provides quick relief. If a person feels as if someone is tying rope on his ears and he also feels pain as if hot steam is coming out from the head. The patient also suffers from thatching of the body. Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia should be used for curing these problems.

Face related symptoms: Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia should be used for curing facial flecks-pimples and acnes. It also makes the face clean.

Symptoms related to urinary problems: Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia is used in cases of greasy and thick liquid coming with urine, feeling pain of twist or pricking needle, red and bright fluid with urine. This medicine provides quick relief in these symptoms.

Skin related symptoms: If someone’s skin is dry, ragged with scabs and he also suffers from skin pimples. Giving Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia to the suffered patient provides quick relief. The patient who suffers from head pimples, which spread on the face and neck, should take this medicine. The patient suffers from chest pimples with pain, pimples, acnes, dry eczema, intensive itching, hardness of the glands, etc. Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia is also used for curing these symptoms.


Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia can be compared with drugs like- Carbolicum acidum, Yonim, Berberis vulgaris, Hydrastis, etc.


          The mother tincture of Berberis Aquifolium Mahonia can be given to the patient in additional quantity, but this medicine should be used according to the symptoms of diseases.