Benzenum-col naphtha




Benzenum-col Naphtha acts better on the nervous systems. Taking this medicine makes blood circulation slow. Its main specialty is to enhance white cells in the blood. So, the person who has good quantity of white cells in his blood should not take this medicine, because it may be very harmful for him. Benzenum-col Naphtha is used for curing eyes diseases, numbness, senselessness and fits caused by epilepsy.

Useful in different symptoms:

Head-related symptoms: The patient feels giddiness due to illness of the head and feels as if he will fall down. The patient suffers from headache which increases from downwards to upwards and such headache is caused by tiredness and neuralgic tiredness. He also suffers from giddiness, pain in the right side of his head and headache which moves to nose joints. The patient feels pressure in his head. Benzenum-col Naphtha is used for curing these symptoms. 

Eyes-related symptoms: If the patient is not able to see clearly or an object appears as more that one etc., taking this medicine is very useful for him. The patient suffers from eyelids cramps, photophobia, glaucoma, pain of eyes and eyelids, enlargement of the eyeball and feeling problem in his vision in light. Benzenum-col Naphtha should be given to the patient in such types of symptoms. It provides quick relief.  

Nose-related symptoms: Benzenum-col Naphtha is used for curing problems of excessive sneezing, blowing water from the nose, catarrh which aggravates after noon and headache caused by intensive coryza

Symptoms of men diseases: Benzenum-col Naphtha is the best drug for curing swelling of the right testicle, testicles itching and diabetes mellitus (urinating again and again). It also gets rid of intensive pain of the testicles.

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body: Benzenum-col Naphtha should be used in cases of excessive coldness of the foot, heaviness of the hands and legs and strain of the knees and hands pain which increases from downwards to upwards. This medicine provides quick relief from these symptoms.

Skin related symptoms: Skin diseases in which the patient suffers from pimples appear like measles eruptions, sweating in the left side while lying down on the left side and sweating in the right side while lying down on the right side, itching on the entire back etc, taking Benzenum-col Naphtha cures above symptoms quickly. It also cures other diseases of the skin.


These symptoms aggravate by sleeping on the right side and at the night.


Benzenum-col Naphtha can be compared with drugs like- Benzene, Petroleum , either, Oxyhemoglobinimy and Benzene Dinitricum etc.


Benzenum-col Naphtha is used as 6 potency for curing diseases.