Benefits of earth in day today life



  • Every kinds of bad smell can be removed with the help of earth. Hence, earth can be used as soap while taking bath.
  • Teeth can be cleansed properly with the help of sand. Hence, earth is the best paste for teeth.
  • Houses of earth are more beneficial for health than the houses made with bricks. Houses of mud are cheap too. Mud houses are cold in summer season and hot in winter season. Whereas houses of bricks become hot in summer season because of sunlight and cold in winter season. There is need to heat the rooms by burning oven and heater.
  • Another quality of earth is that any kind of meal does not spoil if it is kept in earthen pot. On the other hand, meal spoils soon if it is kept in the vessels of metals. Meal becomes tasty if it is cooked in earthen pots. Natural taste of any vegetable or any other thing vanishes if they are cooked in the vessel of metal. Besides, meal prepared in earthen pots proves beneficial for the health of a person.    

Earth is a medicine too-

          All know that our body has made from five elements and earth is one of these five elements. In this modern age, we have thrown away this element from our life by forgetting its importance. People fear from the applications on the body too. We think that there is a fear of infection by the applications or use of earth on the body. It is our ignorance and is not true by any way.

Beneficial in the disease:

        Perhaps, several people of our country even today do not know that earth works as a medicine and fights against the diseases. Earth is used on large scale in natural hospitals. Earth treatment is the important part of natural treatment. A book describes that earth is beneficial in injury, burns, shooting, boils and pimples on the body, itching and ringworm, swelling, biting of snake and scorpion, fractured bones. The reality is that, earth has magical power to absorb all the poisonous elements and heat from the body.          

          Earth starts to show its result after the application on the disease affected portion of the body. Mudpack on the body shows its impact soon. Earth becomes soft because of the heat of the body caused by poisonous elements. In this situation, mud pack should be applied by removing the previous mudpack. Applications of mud shows its result soon if a person has been suffering from mouth blisters, pain in the eyes and nose bleeding. In addition to, mud pack is used in such kinds of diseases as loose motions, fever, piles, dysentery, constipation, insomnia, headache, high blood pressure and depression. Skin becomes soft if mud is used instead of soap while taking bath.       

          No other medicine is as beneficial as earth in hair fall, dandruff in the head and other hair problems.

         Mudpack is applied on the abdomen in such kinds of diseases as fever, loose motions, constipation or ulcer. For it, stretch half inch thick layer of mud on a thick and clean cloth and keep under the naval in this way that mud may remain in the touch of earth. This mudpack should be kept there for at least 20-30 minutes. It should be done on empty stomach or after four hour of having meal. Mudpack should not be too much wet if we want to keep it on the eyes and it may be kept on the eyes by making a piece. Soft application of mudpack should be applied on the anus in the case of warts of piles.   

          In natural hospitals, application of mud is applied all over the body of the patient. Such kinds of application are beneficial for the treatment of skin problems. Applications of mud are effective to open the closed pores of the skin. Applications are applied all over the body in such kinds of situations as excessive heat in the body, insomnia and depression. Mudpack is applied in injury too. For it, keep a cloth of linen on the wound and apply mudpack on the cloth properly. Application of mud proves beneficial in the case of acnes and pimples too.

          Earth is used as mudpacks or packets in the natural hospitals. One thins should be remembered that mudpack can be used on the hands, feet, forehead, shoulder, stomach, eyes and other organs of the body like bandage of water. There should be no dirt in the earth which is used for applications or mudpacks. Earth should not be too much sandy and wet. If a person wants to keep earth in a room, it should be dried in sunlight properly. If foul smell comes after mixing water in the earth, it should not be used at any rate for medicinal use.  

          Earth should be as soft as butter at the time of preparing mudpacks or applications. Sieve earth through a cloth and stretch on the wet cloth in the shape of half inch or more than it. Keep mudpacks and applications on the disease affected portions carefully so that mud may not come out from the cloth. Mud should be remain one inch high than the affected portion. Mudpack can be used cold and in the form of surrounded according to wish similarly bandage of water.    


          When a mudpack is kept on any portion of the body, it absorbs the heat from the inside of that portion. Hence, coolness of the mudpack starts to reduce slowly. This coolness disappears completely within 30 or 45 minutes. Water of the earth dries. Looseness of that portion disappears after the end of heat. That portion becomes active by doing so. This is the reason that mudpack or applications of mud provide relief. Application of mud is a very important organ of natural treatment to break the constipation.     


  • Earth should be greasy and clean for the treatment. Earth near about the dirty place should not be used at any rate. Earth taken from the 2-3 feet deep dig on the clean place is beneficial for the treatment. Collect small grits, stones and straw of grass. Grind these things and keep it after filtering. Earth should be immersed in water before use.
  • Use of earth as natural treatment is beneficial but the user should consult to a doctor before use.