Benefits from Pranayam


Pranayama and its facts :
Function of Pranayama :

There are many benefits of pranayam as-

  • The practice of keeping the vitality (air) safe is done by pranayam. It is an activity based on the science of breathing. Breathing activity (Inhaling and exhaling) is the main base of life. In this activity, breath is subjugated as a person subjugates his vitality (praan).
  • Breaths are controlled by pranayam by which speed of breathing (inhaling and exhaling) becomes slow and he becomes habitual of taking deep and long breath. The age of a person increases by saving breaths and he lives for a long time. The person who pants or takes breath hurriedly, the age of such person becomes less and he sleeps into the lap of sudden death.
  • Oxygen present in the environment is called vitality power and life air too. So, we try to gather much that air by the help of pranayam. Hence, the age and physical capacity increase very much along with vitality power because of increasing internal air (life vitality power) by the practice of pranayam power in the body.
  • Many types of diseases are cured by pranayam. The person, who does the practice of pranayam, can cure not only his diseases but also the diseases of other people.
  • Any type of disease does not occur in the person’s body if he does regular practice of pranayam. The practice of pranayam cures the disease of the body if there is any.
  • The practice of pranayam is necessary for the yoga practice. Telling about the importance of pranayam in ‘Gherand Samhita’ and ‘Hathyoga Pradipika’, it has been described that the person cannot get pratyahara, dharana, dhyan (meditation) and Samadhi without pranayam.
  • Pranayam is not only the practice of gathering breaths but also it makes the mind peace and stable by which the brain develops and capacity of contemplation and thinking gets increased.
  • The practice of pranayam destroys ignorance. It has been described while telling about pranayam in ‘Yoga Darshak’ by which the person reaches in the light of knowledge after coming out from the darkness of ignorance. By it, a person gets so much strength that he is able in keeping the mind in desiring condition. The practice of pranayam subjugates the mind and senses by which a person gets benefit in reaching from the practice of pratyahar to Samadhi.  
  • Doing the practice of pranayam blows the pure air with the blood in the body, which helps to cure all the diseases of the body by which body stays healthy and shine, energy, activeness, beauty and flexible increase in the body.
  • All the disorders of the senses disappear by the practice of this pranayam by which stability and healthiness originate in the vitality, mind and body. In Manusmruti, it has been described that as a shape is given to a metal by melting it in fife in the same way all the disorders of the senses, mind and brain are cured by pranayam and the mind is made clean and soft. The mind becomes able in grasping religious ideas.
  • There is no end of mind powers so many types of unique deeds can be completed by increasing the mental power with the help of pranayam. Will power is one power in all the mental powers. The will power gives movement to the brain by which the thoughts which are the atomic power of the mind can go anywhere after acclimating. None can check this will power. Thoughts are produced from inside which are the essential elements of nature. There is electricity present all around us and this flow of electricity is present in the body too.
  • It can be controlled by the practice of will power and internal will power can be increased. The flow of energy which originates by the will power can be used to cure diseases by touching the fingers. Keep one thing in the brain that the practice of Pranayam Kumbhak becomes essential along with the will power. 
  • Others can be influenced by his will power after getting observing power by tratak, power of increasing vitality (praan) after gathering breaths by kumbhak and the power which increases will power by the mind. So, the practice of pranayam becomes essential to increase will power.  
  • The practice of pranayam increases working capacity of the person and firm determination originates in him. The person gets so much success by such kinds of beliefs that he becomes able in doing impossible works as lifting heavy weight, bending iron and he bears the weight of car on his stomach or chest. Some people had gotten such type of sidhdi of pranayam that they use to perform skills of bearing the weight of an elephant’s foot on their chest. The person becomes able in the use of any type of strength on the base of pranayam and celibacy. All these activities are not divine power but it is the result of pranayam.  
  • The treatment of mental and neural diseases is done by the practice of pranayam.
  • Persons, who do unsuccessful practice of curing diseases without the practice of pranayam cheat people and such persons are silly and ignorant. But it has been observed that many types of diseases have been cured by the practice of pranayam. It is pranayam which provides strength for the treatment diseases.
  • Many magical functions can be done by the practice of pranayam. The person can stop the pulsation of the nerve and heart too by pranayam. He is able in walking in the sky can also run on the sky or water.