Beneficial formulae for skin beauty

Beneficial formulae for skin beauty

Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


           A person seems old before age in this polluted and busy life. Hence, some treatments are needed along with the cleanliness of skin. Taking meal on irregular time, night vigil, mental disturbances and anxieties affect bad on the skin. Following only five rules to make the skin shiny and healthy is necessary.

  • Cleanliness of the skin
  • Toning  of the skin
  • Moisturizing of the skin
  • Nourishing of the skin
  • Firming of the skin


           Besides it, regular exercise and balanced diet are also necessary to make the skin beautiful and healthy. Avoid night vigil and make a habit of early rising in the morning.  

How to make skin beautiful by toning:

           Toning of the skin is very necessary to it beautiful after cleansing. There is tightness in the skin because of toning. Open pores of the skin get closed because of cleanliness. The person feels coolness and freshness in the skin. Skin tonic or rosewater can be used for simple and dry skin.

           Astringent should be used for the toning of oily skin. Knowing about the type of skin is very necessary for toning. Because, if your skin is dry and simple, the use of astringent makes skin more dry than before. For homely toning of the skin, take one spoon cucumber (kheera) juice and apply it on the face by drenching a cotton wad in it. Wash face with cold water after drying. Boil one glass of water for oily skin and cast some mint leaves in it. After twenty minute, crush mint leaves in water and apply on the face after filtering through a cloth.

           Actually, moisture is the main part of our skin. Upper skin layer contains about 70 percent moisture. Because of this moisture, our skin remains soft and flexible. This moisture gets disappeared and the skin becomes faded and hard because of whole day’s running and burden of work. Body lotion and body oil can be beneficial in this problem.

Formulae to make the skin beautiful with make up:

  • Dark pink color should not be used for smooth, fair and clean skin. Don’t use orange color for the lips. Such kind of skin must be avoided from sunlight and fast light.  Base should be chosen according to skin complexion.
  • Use blue and steel grey color for the eyes. Use grey and pink color on the eyelids. Apply such kind of color on the cheeks of which color resemblances with lips’ color. You can use peach colored color too.
  • Apply dark red (mahroon), dark maijenta and dark red colored on the lips at night. During day, you can apply green or pink color. Let the hair open at the back of the head or make a braid. 

Tips for beautifying skin through face pack:

Maharani pack:

          Mix water by taking equal quantity of fine flour and talcum powder to prepare fine paste. Apply it on the face for 20 minutes and then cleanse it by drenching a cotton wad in astringent.

Full pack:

         Abrade a cucumber (kheera) and mix rosewater in it. Apply it on the face.

White angle:

         Shuffle whiteness of an egg properly and apply on the face. Remove it with a cotton wad which contained astringent after drying. 

Pack for dry skin:

         Mix one spoon almond oil in yolk of one egg to prepare a fine pack. Apply this pack on the face and neck and cleanse it with lukewarm water after twenty. This pack is called golden touch.

Face pack for oily skin:

         Mix one lemon juice in yolk of one egg properly and then shuffle the preparation. Apply it on the face and wash with lukewarm water. This face pack is very beneficial for oily skin. 

Face made of rosewater, muscovite and lemon:

         Mix some rosewater in muscovite and lemon juice each half spoon. Apply it on the face and wash it with lukewarm water after drying. 

Face pack made of glycerin and flour:

         Mix one spoon glycerin in one spoon powder of orange peels and muscovite and maize flour each half spoon.  Apply it on the face and wash face after 20 minutes.

Face pack made of lemon and honey:

         Mix honey, lemon juice, cucumber juice each one spoon and half spoon potato juice properly. Apply it on the face and wash face after 15 minutes.