Beneficial and harmful foot to be healty


Introduction :

        To be healthy, each person should know whether the meal what he is taking is beneficial or harmful for his health. If a person is healthy, he is himself happy and he keeps his family happy too. If the body of a person is healthy, the mind of that person will also be happy. In addition to, it is necessary that every person should know what is good or bad for him. Here we are presenting a diet chart what describes about the essential elements of daily diet for living a happy and pleasurable life.

Diet chart :

Not eatable


White sugar should not be eaten

Jiggery and honey should be taken

Fine-flour or fine wheat flour

Thick wheat flour, daliya and sprouted wheat

Polished rice

Rice ground by the hand

Fried vegetables

Vegetable should be taken after boiling or raw

Tea, coffee etc. should not be taken

Basil, aniseed or chokar tea or soup should be taken

Betel leaf and tobacco should be leaved

Aniseed and cardamom should be taken

Betel nut

Dry indian gooxberry


Fresh sauce

Sweets should not be taken

Date, currants, sweet fruits etc. dry fruits should be taken.

Red chilly

Black and green chilly

Packaged  substances, soft drink

Mix lemon water in honey, coconut water and fruit juice


Meat should not be taken


Vegetarian food should be taken

Food more than appetite should not be taken

Food should be taken less than appetite


Salt should be used in vegetables by boiling

Cooked food

Food without cooking should be taken

Heavy food

Digestible food

Bed tea should not be taken after getting up in morning

The water (which has been put in copper pot) should be drunk after getting up in the morning.

The wheat flour without chaff should not be taken

Wheat flour should be taken with chaff

The rice should not be taken by separating gruel (mand).

Rice should be taken with gruel (Mand)

Food should not be taken late at night

Food should be taken before three hours of sleeping

Sleeping all the time

Hard work should be done

Avoid from physically tiredness

Rest should be taken

Bad thoughts should not be come in the mind all the time

Good things should be thoughts in the mind every time

Too much tight cloth should not be worn

Cotton and loose clothes should be worn because the body keeps on getting fresh air

Toothpaste of market should not be used

Teeth should be cleaned by the neem stick

Burger and pizza should not be eaten in the market

Fruits should be taken as much as one can take