Bellis perennis




           Bellis Perennis acts magically on the muscles of blood-vessels. Taking Bellis Perennis gets rid of intensive pain of the muscles. This medicine is useful in lameness, sprain and blocked blood in the veins caused by internal mechanical reasons. Specially, Bellis Perennis is used for curing diseases of tissues which is caused by surgery. Taking this medicine protects the nerves from harmful effects and also gets rid of pain caused by such harmful effects. If someone is sensitive about the cold and feels excessive coldness after dripping water on the body, taking this medicine provides quick relief. Taking Bellis Perennis ends weakness of the body parts which appears after arthritis

           Injury of the pelvic organs and hurt which appears by itself, etc. can be cured by taking Bellis Perennis. Bellis Perennis also can be used for curing diseases caused by hand-practice. If someone suffers from skin blueness on the affected part caused by sprain, taking Bellis Perennis provides quick relief. The person who is hot tempered, and he drinks and baths or takes cold products can start suffering from diseases. Bellis Perennis should be given to the patient in such diseases.

           Bellis Perennis should be taken in the case of face acnes, body boils and pain of the pelvic organs as if someone has crushed these parts. This medicine is also used for curing exudations, disorders of blood circulation and swelling. Bellis Perennis also can be used for curing different symptoms of arthritis. This medicine filters (purifies) the blood. The person who keeps working even after old age, this is very useful for him.

Useful in different symptoms:

Head related symptoms: Bellis Perennis should be used for curing problems of giddiness caused by excessive gas inside the stomach, headache which starts from the rear section of the head and moves towards the forehead, feeling of head contraction, headache as if someone has crushed his head and itching near the skull and behind it which aggravates during bath and sleep. 

Symptoms related to sleep: The patient suffers from insomnia and physical tiredness caused by insomnia. The patient gets up early in the morning and does not sleep again. Taking Bellis Perennis cures these symptoms quickly.

Stomach related symptoms:

           The patient suffers from pain in the uterus membranes and the internal layers of the stomach. In spleen diseases, the patient suffers from enlargement of spleen and pain like pricking needle. Giving Bellis Perennis to the suffered patient cures such symptoms of him and gets rid of pain.

           Bellis Perennis is used for curing problems of frequent loose motions, face yellowness, stomach-ache, excessive offensive smell of the body which increases at the night, surfeited and feeling of sough sound in the intestines.

Skin related symptoms: Taking Bellis Perennis cures blue flecks of the skin and skin-swelling. Besides it, this medicine is also very useful for curing aneurism, swelling, exudations and accumulation of blood in the veins caused by mechanical reason of the body. It also gets rid of pain like crushing with aneurism.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: Bellis Perennis should be used in the case of intensive pain of the body parts, muscles pain, contraction of the thigh and back muscles, itching of the contracted part, pain in the upper parts of the thigh which appears from inside it, feeling of wrist contraction, strain of the wrist, intensive pain caused by sprain, pain and hurt of the back bone (spinal cord) caused by any accident. The patient feels as if many flexible things are tied on his wrist. This medicine provides quick relief in these symptoms.

Symptoms related to women diseases: Bellis Perennis is used in the case of congestion (blood accumulation) in the breasts and uterus membranes, enlargement of the uterus veins, looseness of the stomach muscles, and feeling of weakness while walking caused by weakness in her pregnancy periods and feeling pain in the membrane of uterus as if someone is pressing it. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms.


           Bellis Perennis can be compared with drugs like- Arsenic, Arnica, Staphysagria, Hamamellis, Bryonia, Vanadium, etc. If Bellis Perennis is not available, above drugs can be used for getting relief soon.


           These symptoms aggravate by lying down on the left side, bathing with hot water and due to bed warmth. Besides it, these symptoms also aggravate by bathing with cold water, walking in cold air and before the storm.  


           Bellis Perennis can be used its mother tincture to 3 potency to cure diseases.