Belladonna acts chiefly on the nervous systems by that crop of, different symptoms occur like- intense excitement, paralysis, pain, sphuran, blood-disorders and it reverts the activity of sense organs, at last, cures above symptoms completely. Taking Belladonna affects on the body and causes of many symptoms like- excessive heat of the body, skin redness, heated face, bright eyes, burning sensation in the nerves of the neck, heart excitement, increasing power of all sense organs, sorrow, excessive sleeping, convulsive movements, mouth and throat dryness, neuralgic pain and burning sensation. This medicine also checks such types of symptoms.  

Belladonna is also used to cure vomiting and nausea which occurs after epilepsy fits.

This is the best medicine for curing Aarakt fever. The sufferer should take 30 potency of Belladonna during this fever.

Belladonna is also useful to end problems which appear while traveling in an aeroplane. It reduces fear and unsteadiness. It also quenches thirst.  

This medicine gets rid of intensive pain caused by any disease suddenly.

Useful in different symptoms:-

Mind related symptoms: The patient always thinks about somethings and suffers from different types of dream. He looks many types of things and he does not know the reality of his condition. The patient does not come out from his ideas and thoughts and he involves in his views. Sometimes, patient feels fear and sees ghosts faces and different horrible faces. He suffers from delirium, intensive anger and scariness, and he wishes to kill someone and run away. Belladonna should be given to the patient in such condition. It abolishes the patient’s fear and watching different types of horibler face. If the patient suffers from unconsciousness, watery eyes, mental disorders and reverts the knowledge power. Giving Belladonna to the patient provides quick relief in such types of symptoms. 

Head related symptoms:

  • Belladonna has known to be the most effective medicine to end head-symptoms. In this disease, the patient suffers from giddiness; pain even after little touch of the skin, burning sensation in the body, body warmth and headache caused by heart-pulsation disorders by that crop of, the patient feels breathing problems. The patient also feels as if he is falling backwards or left side of the head. Giving Belladonna to the suffered patient cures above symptoms quickly.
  • The patient suffers from headache caused by the suppression of cold and catarrh or other reasons. The patient also suffers from such headache which increases after noon or in sunshine. The headache which aggravates due to noise, jolt and by laying down. This headache reduces by bending or pressing the head. The patient who suffers from headache keeps his head on pillow and feels head strain towards back side. The head also falls down here and there. The patient always breathes deeply and suffers from hair falls and hair dryness. This headache is much intensive in the right side of the head and increases after lying down. When the patient feels excessive coldness and cuts his hair, headache is increased. Belladonna should be given to the patient in such types of symptoms. It provides quick relief.

Face related symptoms: Belladonna should be taken for curing problems of facial redness, warmth, swelling, excessive face glow, and redness with blueness of the face, numbness of the facal muscles, swelling on the upper lip, etc. It also gets rid of the neuralgic pain of the face.

Eyes related symptoms: If a person feels burning sensation inside his eyes after lying down and his eyeball is increased. He feels his eyes as enlarged to forwards and eyes are affixed.  The patient also suffers from eyes swelling, excessive eyes glow and does not afford fast light. His white eyeball turns into red and he suffers from dryness and burning sensation of white eyeball. The patient also suffers from eyes pain like gun shot, exophthalmus and he watches different types of shape after sleeping. He feels as if body parts are falling down, and he watches more things than normal. The patient suffers from squinting, eyelids twist, eyelids swelling and accumulation of blood under the area of eyes. He feels as if his eyes are half opened after closing the eyes. Belladonna should be taken in such symptoms. It cures these symptoms quickly and provides coldness to the eyes.

Ears related symptoms: Belladonna is used in case of pain in the middle and outer side of the ears like surging, feeling of sough sound in the ears, puffing of the ears membrane and accumulation of blood in the ears. The patient is not able to tolerate loud sound due to swelling under the glands of ears. He also suffers from swelling in the middle of ears and the patient wants to weep, because of intensive pain. In ears diseases of child, the child awakes suddenly during sleep due to ears’ pain. He suffers from burning sensation inside the ears and beating pain belonging to heart pulsations. Child also suffers from acute or chronic diseases of ears pipe and ear-boil which is filled with blood. Child’s voice echoes in his ears. Belladonna should be given to the patient in such types of symptoms. It cures all diseases related to the ears and also gets rid of ears’ pain. It prevents ear-blowing, and cures swelling and internal diseases of the ears.

Nose related symptoms: Belladonna should be used in cases of offensive secretion from the nose, nose bleeding, nose redness caused by nose swelling, intensive catarrh, facial redness caused by pain due to blast internal small pimples of the nose, blood with nose fluid and feeling of sough in front part of the nose. It cures all diseases related to the nose and gets rid of pain quickly.

Mouth related symptoms: Belladonna is used for curing problems of mouth dryness, toothache with burning sensation, gums-boil and feeling of redness inside the tongue. In this disease, small and red blisters like straw berry appear on the tongue and the patient suffers from tongue swelling, stammering and teeth problems. Giving Belladonna to the suffered patient cures these symptoms.

Throat related symptoms: 

  • Belladonna can be used in cases of congestion, lack of water in the throat, excessive dryness of the throat caused by any reason and throat redness especially in the left side. 
  • The patient suffers from suffocation, pharynx dryness, contraction of the throat and tonsils enlargement caused by any reason. The patient feels problem in swallowing food and also feels as if something has trapped in the throat.
  • The patient suffers from pain of the throat twist and he feels as if someone is scratching the throat. In this disease, the patient becomes habitual to swallow.

Giving Belladonna to the suffered patient provides quick relief in these symptoms.

Stomach related symptoms: Belladonna should be taken in cases of anorexia, twist pain, stomach contraction and pain which starts from stomach and increases to back-bone. The patient does not like milk, liquid products and meat. The Patient feels vomiting and nausea. He feels excessive thirst and also wishes to drink cold water. The patient suffers from pain of the stomach twist, yawning and senselessness caused by hiccup. He scares from the water and suffers from stop less vomiting. It cures all diseases related to the stomach and gets rid of pain. 

Symptoms of stool problems: Taking Belladonna cures loose motions, green loose motions, amoebic dysentery, feeling of excessive coldness while flushing and piles caused by gas trouble. It also gets rid of cramping, back pain and rectum pain like stinging. It also eliminates gas trouble caused by suppression of stool. Belladonna is also very useful for curing prolapsus ani

Urine related symptoms: Belladonna is used for curing retention of urine and other diseases of the ureter. The patient feels as if an insect is crawling in the ureter and urine comes out in less quantity (scanty urination). Patient becomes habitual of splitting. Urine colour turns dark containing good quantity of phosphate. The patient suffers from diabetes mellitus (urinating again and again), retention of urine (urinating drop and drop), frequent urination, enlargement of the prostate glands and blood comes with urine. Belladonna is very useful drug for curing such types of symptoms.

Symptoms of men diseases: Belladonna should be used in cases of testicles hardness, burning sensation of the testicles, strain of the testicles, excessive sweating in the genital at night, prostatic fluid and lack of sexual excitement. It cures impotence and enhances sexual vigor.    

Gynecology related symptoms: Belladonna is used in cases of vaginal dryness, warmth, sacrum pain, pain across the thighs like strain, pain in the lower parts of the body like pressure which is moved towards genital, feeling of pain from one to another buttock, menorrhagia (excessive menstrual excretion), blood warmth, bloody lochia, profuse menstrual flow before the time and hot lochia with menses which contains offensive smell. The woman suffers from burning sensation in the breasts, pain with burning sensation, facial redness, breasts heaviness, breasts hardness, breasts tumours and breasts redness, pain after lying down, lack of lochia and delivery pain occurring suddenly and cured by itself. In this disease, red lines appear on the breasts from one nipple to another, and menses bleeding is hot and fast which contains intense offensive smell. Belladonna cures all problems of menses and gets rid of pain. It also cures other diseases of women.

Symptoms of the respiratory pipe: Belladonna should be taken in cases of nose dryness, fauces, dryness of the respiratory pipe and throat, throat pain, throat tickling with dry cough which aggravates at the night, feeling of suffocation, asthma, hoarseness, unbearable pain, pain in the left hip with cough, frequent cough, blood with phlegm, stomach pain caused by whooping cough and feeling of pain like pricking needle during cough. The patient feels pain as if something has entangled in the throat by that crop of, he starts suffering from cough, loud voice and groaning while breathing. In this disease, breathing activity is increased. Belladonna cures all problems of breath and gets rid of pain.

Heart related symptoms: Belladonna is the best drug for curing problems of fast pulsations of the heart, feeling of pulsation activity in the head, breathing problems, fast pulsations of the heart by doing some work, body pain with burning sensation, weakness, fast pulsation of the nerves and feeling of the heart enlargement suddenly. The patient hears two beats of his heart which indicate bleeding from any hole of the body. It makes heart pulsation normal and cures all problems related to the heart.

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body: If a person feels pain in his hands and feet like gun shot and walks in stumbling way. He also suffers from arthritis pain which increases while walking, joints swelling, redness and brightness of the swelled part, and red lines appearing on the swelled part too. The woman suffers from pain and burning sensation in the upper parts of the thighs after delivery. The patient feels jolts and paralysis in all parts of the body. Patient also suffers from excessive coldness of the hands and foot, and he does not make stable to himself after stumbling. Belladonna should be used in these symptoms. It cures all symptoms and gets rid of pain.

Neck related symptoms: The person suffering from neck twist, swelling of the neck-glands and joints pain of the neck as if someone has broken his neck, etc., should take Belladonna. It cures above symptoms and gets rid of pain.

Back related symptoms: The patient suffering from intensive pain of the back with pain of thigh, hips, etc., should take Belladonna. It provides quick relief from pain. 

Skin related symptoms: Belladonna should be used in the cases of skin dryness, skin swelling and pain after touching the skin, burning sensation of the skin, facial pimples, red-boils, pink acnes, glands swelling, red flecks, wounds with pus, yellowness and redness of the skin, burning sensation of skin, hardness of the affected skin, etc. This medicine cures all diseases related to the skin and gets rid of pain quickly.

Fever related symptoms: The patient suffering from fever with aggravation of it and spoiled fluid comes out in less quantity from the body. The patient feels burning sensation of the body, intensive warmth caused by fever, the excessive coldness of the foot and foot becomes cold as ice. The patient suffers from intensive sweating from the whole body except head and the excessive thirst caused by fever. Giving Belladonna to the suffered patient provides quick relief.

Symptoms related to sleep: The patient feels restlessness caused by insomnia and awakes suddenly, during his sleep. The patient suffers from teeth-grinding during sleep and can not sleep properly because of burning sensation in the blood vessels. He also cries during sleep and surprises during sleep caused by insomnia. The patient keeps his hands under the head during sleep. Belladonna should be given to such patient. It cures insomnia and provides good sleep.


These symptoms are aggravated by touching the affected part, exposing to wind, in noise, by lying down and after noon. 


The patient gets relief by bending frontward.    


Belladonna can be compared with Saguisorva Officinalis 2x, 6x. Besides it, Belladonna can be also compared with Mendregora, Stramonium, Hoetjiya, Atropiya, etc.  

Anti-miasmatic drugs:

If someone feels problem because of taking Belladonna carelessly, Camphor, Caffe, Opium, Aconite etc. are used for preventing it. It removes all bad effects of Belladonna.


Calcarea is the complimentary drug of Belladonna. Mostly, this medicine is useful to cure little chronic diseases.  


1 to 3 or higher potency of Belladonna can be used. Belladonna can be used repeatedly for curing acute diseases.