Beleric Myrobalan



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It is brown with yellowness. Beleric myrobalan is sweet. Beleric myrobalan is cool.Introduction:

          The trees of beleric myrobalan are long, wide and high. Its tree is 18 to 30 miters high whose bark’s width is about 2 centimeters. Mostly, its trees are found on mountains and upper areas. Its shadow is useful for the health. Its leaves are like the banyan. Its trees are found in all areas. Its leaves are about 10 to 20 centimeters long and 6 to 9 centimeters wide. Its fruit is round like egg and 3 centimeters long which is known as “Beleric myrobalan”. We find a kernel inside it which is sweet. Its fruit’s peel is used as medicine.

Name in different languages:

English           :        Beleric myrobalan

Hindi               :         Baheda

Sanskrit          :        Vibhitak

Marathi           :        Beheda

Gujarati          :        Baheda

Bengali           :         Bahede

Kannada        :        Tarikayi

Malayalam     :       Tanni

Tamil               :        Akknad

Telugu             :        Balla

Persian          :         Valeele

Latin               :          Terminelia belerica

Colour: It is brown with yellowness.

Taste: Beleric myrobalan is sweet.

Structure: Beleric myrobalan trees are found in the forests and hill areas. Its leaves are like the banyan. Its flowers are very small and its fruits grow in clusters like three leaved coper’s (varna). The bark of beleric myrobalan’s tree is used as medicine.

Nature: Beleric myrobalan is cool.

Precautions: Taking over quantity of kernel of beleric myrobalan fruit appears poisonous effects on the body. It affects on the anus and causes intoxication.

Removing side-effect: Honey removes side-effect of beleric myrobalan.

Comparison: Beleric myrobolan can be compared with Indian gooseberry and black myrobalan.

Dosage: Beleric myrobalan quantity should be taken 3 grams to 6 grams.

Quality: Beleric myrobalan eliminates constipation and makes the stomach strong. It increases appetite and eliminates gas trouble with the help of the motions. It cures urticaria, headache and piles. Beleric myrobalan makes healthy and strong to the eyes and brain. It brings phlegm out and reduces hair whiteness. Beleric myrobalan eliminates phlegm and bile. It makes hair silky and cures hoarseness. It ends intoxication and filters blood. It kills stomach worms. Beleric myrobalan is very useful to cure tuberculosis and leprosy.

Beleric myrobalan kernel: The kernel of beleric myrobalan quenches thirst and cures vomiting. It eliminates phlegm and gas trouble. It is light, pungent and intoxicated. The properties of beleric myrobalan’s kernel are equal the Indian gooseberry. Its collyrium ends eyes swelling.  

According to Ayurveda: Beleric myrobalan is sweet, pungent, light, dry, hot, excited and nutritive. It cures tridoshas (gas, bile and phlegm) and makes blood thick. It provides relief from pain and enhances sperm count. Beleric myrobalan is useful for the eyes and ends stomach worms. It is also useful for curing constipation, breath problems, cough, piles, indigestion, throat diseases, leprosy, hoarseness, rheumatism, skin diseases, lack of sexual power, hair problems, catarrh and burning sensation of the feet and hands.

According to Scientists: After searching the chemical structure of beleric myrobalan it has been found, that it’s fruit contains 17 percent tannin and fruit’s kernel contains 25 percent light yellow oil, saponin and resin.

For reading tips click below links     Beleric myrobalan is useful in different diseases:
1.     Burning sensation of the feet:

Burning sensation of the feet and hands:

    Grind kernel of beleric myrobalan with water and apply it on the hands and feet, it provides relief.
    2.     Burning sensation:

    Burning sensation:

      Grind slender marrow of beleric myrobalan and apply it on the body; it cures all types of burning sensation.
      3.     Phlegm:


        • Make a decoction by boiling leaves of beleric myrobalan with double quantity of sugar. Drinking this decoction brings phlegm out.
        • Sucking piece of beleric myrobalan’s bark cures cough and brings phlegm out easily. It also cures tickling caused by cough.
        4.     Sexual power:

        Sexual power:

          Eating peel of one beleric myrobalan daily enhances sexual power.
          5.     Eyesight:


            Mix equal quantity of beleric myrobalan’s peel and sugar-candy together. Taking one spoon this mixture with warm water twice a day enhances eyesight within two or three weeks.
            6.     Constipation:


              Grind half ripe fruit of beleric myrobalan. Taking one spoon this preparation with some water twice a day eliminates constipation and makes stomach clean.
              7. Asthma or breath problems:

              Asthma or breath problems:

                • Grind equal quantity of beleric myrobalan and datura’s leaves together after that fill it in to hubble-bubble and take its smoke, it provides relief from asthma and breath problems.
                • Apply some ghee on beleric myrobalan and cook it. When it cooks properly then remove soil from it and come out beleric myrobalan. Sucking its bark provides relief from cough, cold and hoarseness.
                • Sucking bark of beleric myrobalan regularly cures cough due to breath problems.
                • Collect 40 grams bark of beleric myrobalan, 2 grams tumid salt-ammoniac and one gram yellow ruddle (sona geru) together. Now, grind slender beleric myrobalan’s peel and filter it after that grind slender sal-ammoniac and ruddle. Mix all of these together and take, it provides relief from breath problems.
                • Quantity: 2-3 grams quantity of above remedy should be taken with honey twice a day, it cures asthma.
                • Grind 250 grams pulp of beleric myrobalan’s fruit and filter it. Grind 10 grams tumid sal-ammoniac and 5 grams pure yellow ruddle (sona geru) together. Mix these together and lick 3 grams this mixture with honey twice a day, it provides relief from breath problems and also cures asthma slowly.
                • Make the powder by grinding beleric myrobalan’s peels and boil it with goat milk. Mix honey into this after cooling. Licking this mixture twice a day ends breath problems.
                8. Hair problems:

                Hair problems:

                  Soak 2 spoons powder of beleric myrobalan’s fruit in water at night. In the next morning, apply this mixture in the hair roots for one hour then wash hair, it prevents hair fall.
                  9. Diarrhoea:


                    • Burn fruit of beleric myrobalan and collect its ashes. Mix ¼ quantity of black salt in this ash to prepare powder. Taking one spoon this powder 2-3 times a day provides relief in diarrhoea.
                      • Grind 2 to 5 grams bark of beleric myrobalan’s tree and 1-2 cloves with one spoon honey. Licking this mixture 3-4 times a day checks loose motions.
                      • Taking toasted beleric myrobalan cures chronic diarrhoea.
                    10. Jaundice:


                      Taking powder of beleric myrobalan’s peel with one spoon honey twice a day cures jaundice.
                      11. Acnes:


                        Applying oil of beleric myrobalan’s kernels on the face before to sleep at night cures pimples and makes face beautiful.
                        12. Body strength:

                        Body strength:

                          Taking Jam of Indian gooseberry twice a day makes the body strong and powerful.
                          13. Children constipation:

                          Children constipation:

                            Grind fruit of beleric myrobalan from a stone piece. Giving half spoon this preparation with one spoon milk to the child eliminates constipation and makes the stomach clean.
                            14. White leprosy and dysentery:

                            White leprosy and dysentery:

                              Taking decoction of bark of beleric myrobalan tree cures white leprosy and dysentery.
                              15. Breath cough:

                              Breath cough:

                                Apply ghee upon one beleric myrobalan after that cover it with flour and cook it on the fire. Come out beleric myrobalan on the fire and peel its bark. This bark cures fast breathing and cough. Sucking some bark cures cough. The patient should not take bitter, silly and oily products and should not make sexual relationship during this process.
                                16. Throat disease (kanthsarp):

                                Throat disease (kanthsarp):

                                  Grind bark of beleric myrobalan’s tree with water. Drinking this mixture provides relief. This medicine can be used to cure the disease of animal’s throat.
                                  17. Germs in animals wound:

                                  Germs in animals wound:

                                    If any animal has been suffering from wound germs, bark of beleric myrobalan tree should be given to animal with thick bread.
                                    18. Blisters due to thorn of bhilanwa:

                                    Blisters due to thorn of bhilanwa:

                                      Grind pulp of beleric myrobalan and apply it or apply paste of sandal, beleric myrobalan’s marrow, honey and cyperus on the affected part, it provides relief.
                                      19. Jam of beleric myrobolam:

                                      Jam of beleric myrobolam:

                                        Boil beleric myrobalan with water into a pot and mix sugar in this. Prepare treacle according to thick jam from it and mix boiled beleric myrobalan and small pepper’s powder in this then put this mixture in a pot. This jam is as much older as show its special quality. Taking this jam cures cough quickly.
                                        20. Strangury:


                                          Licking 3-4 grams powder of kernel of beleric myrobalan’s fruit with honey twice a day provides relief strangury and stone of urinary bladder.
                                          21. Pittaz permeh:

                                          Pittaz permeh:

                                            Make powder by grinding beleric myrobalan, red wood tree, black hellebore, wood apple, sarz, alstonia scholaris (chhatiban) and kamala flower (kabila) together. Taking 2 to 3 grams this powder with one spoon honey thrice a day provides relief.
                                            22. Impotence:


                                              Taking 6 grams jaggery with 3 grams powder of beleric myrobalan twice a day ends impotence and increases sexual excitement.
                                              23. Hernia:


                                                Applying paste of beleric myrobalan upon affected part provides relief on the first day.
                                                24. Close tumour:

                                                Close tumour (inside tumour of the wound which mouth is closed):

                                                  Toast peel of beleric myrobalan with castor oil and grind it with vinegar. Applying this mixture upon closed tumours cures them within 2-3 days.
                                                  25. Bilious swelling:

                                                  Bilious swelling:

                                                    • Applying paste of beleric myrobalan’s kernels on the affected part cures swelling due to bile.
                                                    • Applying paste of beleric myrobalan on the affected part provides relief from eyes swelling caused by bile.
                                                    26. Fever:


                                                      Taking 40 to 60 ml decoction of beleric myrobalan twice a day provides relief in bile, phlegm and fever.
                                                      27. Itching:


                                                        Oil of beleric myrobalan fruit’s kernels is very useful in itching. Rubbing this oil upon affected part ends burning sensation and itching.
                                                        28. Indigestion:


                                                          Taking 3 to 6 grams fruit of beleric myrobalan (vibhitak) after the meals increases digestion power and cures lack of appetite. It also provides power to the stomach.
                                                          29. Cough:


                                                            • Sucking one piece of beleric myrobalan’s peel or one piece of peeled ginger before to sleep at night brings phlegm out easily and cures dry cough and asthma too.
                                                            • Taking 3 to 6 grams powder of beleric myrobalan with jaggery twice a day provides relief from cough. Toast marrow or peel of beleric myrobalan lightly and keep it in the mouth, it cures cough.
                                                            • Make the powder by grinding 250 grams bark of beleric myrobalan, 15 grams toasted sal-ammoniac and 10 grams yellow ruddle (sona geru) together. Taking 3 grams this powder with honey regularly cures asthma.
                                                            30. Chest pain:

                                                            Chest pain:

                                                              Licking toasted beleric myrobalan provides relief from chest pain.
                                                              31. Corneal ulcer:

                                                              Corneal ulcer:

                                                                Make powder by grinding 2 parts seed of yellow myrobalan, 3 parts seed of beleric myrobalan and 4 seeds of Indian gooseberry together and filter it. Mix water in this powder and make tablets from it. Mix this tablet in water or honey and apply it in the eyes 2-3 times a day, it cures corneal ulcer.
                                                                32. Hiccup:


                                                                  Mix 10 grams honey with 10 grams powder of beleric myrobalan bark and store it. Licking some quantity of this mixture checks hiccup.
                                                                  33. Weakness:


                                                                    Taking about 3 to 9 grams powder of beleric myrobalan with honey twice a day enhances body and brain power.
                                                                    34. Fast palpitation of heart:

                                                                    Fast palpitation of heart:

                                                                      Taking two pinches powder of beleric myrobalan bark with ghee or cow’s milk daily makes heart pulsation normal.
                                                                      35. Larynx inflammation:

                                                                      Larynx inflammation:

                                                                        Taking 3 to 9 grams powder of beleric myrobalan with honey twice a day cures swelling and burning sensation of the larynx. It also cures other diseases of the throat.
                                                                        36. Hoarseness:


                                                                          • Grind equal quantity of beleric myrobalan’s peel, small peeper and rock salt together. Taking this mixture with 6 grams cow’s curd or whey cures hoarseness.
                                                                          • Toast bark of beleric myrobalan tree on fire and make powder from it. Taking 480 milligrams quantity of this powder with whey cures hoarseness.