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        When the gas made in the stomach comes out from the mouth, it is called belching. Gas occurs in the stomach due to excessive acidity because of that sour or pungent water comes in the mouth.

For reading tips click below links      Such medicines are useful in belching:
1.     Catechu:


    Take ¼ parts to half gram catechu as doge to cure belching.
    2.     Caraway:


      Grind powder of caraway, rock salt, salt, impure carbonate of soda, asafoetida and dried Indian gooseberry together properly to make the powder fine. After that, lick 1 gram this powder with honey twice a day, it cures sour belching.
      3.     Dry ginger:

      Dry ginger:

        Take ¼ parts to one gram powder of dry ginger with black salt and toasted asafoetida with ghee twice a day consequently; belching does not occur.
        4.     Millet


          Take asafetida (equal seed of barley) with jiggery or banana to cure belching.
          5.     Cumin seed:

          Cumin seed:

            Toast one spoon ground cumin seed and lick it with one spoon honey after meals, it provides relief in belching.
            6.     Bustard teak:

            Bustard teak:

              Take half to one gram gum of bustard teak twice a day, it provides relief in belching.
              7. Greater galangal:

              Greater galangal:

                Put ¼ parts to half gram greater galangal in the mouth or suck it, it ends problems of the digestive system and removes offensive smell of the mouth.
                8. Asafoetida:


                  Take toasted asafoetida (Toast ghee with ghee) with black salt and caraway twice a day; it provides relief in belching, gas and indigestion.
                  9. Cinnamon:


                    Drip 1-3 drops cinnamon oil on sugar cake or sugar and take it twice a day, it provides relief in belching and stomach gas.
                    10. Marorfali:


                      Belching, surfeited and stomachache are cured by taking about 2-3 grams powder of marorfali twice a day.
                      11. Coconut:


                        Take bitter kernel of coconut after meals, it is useful to cure sour belching.
                        12. Palmyra plam:

                        Palmyra plam:

                          Taking water of raw marrow of palmyra plam cures vomiting and belching.
                          13. Pistachio:


                            Take it to get relief in nausea and vomiting.
                            14. Sugar candy:

                            Sugar candy:

                              Mix plum marrow and cloves with treacle of sugar candy. Take it to get relief in nausea.
                              15. Coriander:


                                Boil coriander and clerodendron serratum with water. Take this preparation to prevent vomiting.
                                16. Zinc ash:

                                Zinc ash:

                                  Take ¼ parts ash of zinc with sugar candy and cumin seeds to cure vomiting and nausea.
                                  17. Mint:


                                    Grind mint and tamarind together then mix rock salt or honey in it. Take this mixture to cure sour belching and vomiting.
                                    18. Coriander:


                                      Belching is not disease but some times anyone suffers from sour belching then he feels restlessness and mystification. Inflammation occurs in the stomach and tongue becomes dry. Dryness is cured by coming belching again and again. Patient feels warmth in the stomach due to gas and he suffers from chest inflammation and spasm too. Digestive medicine should be taken in these conditions. Make the powder or tablet by grinding some mint, few dried coriander, big cardamom, caraway and black salt together. This powder should be taken with lukewarm water after 2 hours; it will cure belching within some times.
                                      19. Fenugreek:


                                        Make spicy curd (Rayata) with boiled leaves of fenugreek and take it in the morning and noon, it provides relief in sour belching, indigestion, gas and amoebic.
                                        20. Lemon:


                                          Grind citron root, pomegranate root and musk with water. Give it to the patient to cure belching and julab.
                                          21. Sal-ammonic:


                                            Grind sal-ammonic, black peppers, 5 grams cardamom seeds and 10 grams sat mint together. Take half grams this mixture as dose with water thrice a day regularly to cure sour belching, acidity, over thirst, stomachache, nausea, chest inflammation, etc. diseases.
                                            22. Cyperus:


                                              Make the fine powder by grinding long peppers, black peppers, myrabalan chebulie, beleric myrabalan, indian gooseberry, dry ginger, barbering, cyperus, sandal, lead-wort, false calumba, sonamakkhi, peppers root and Himalayan deodar 50 grams each together. Boil 400 grams mandur with cow urine until it remains 50 grams mandur then mix above powder in this preparation and prepare tablets (Equal of cluster fig) from it. Give these tablets to the patient; it is useful to cure belching.