Beginning of mudra



        According to Indian ancient tradition, mudras had been come into existence in the period of original inhabitant. When the person was not able in speaking through words, he used to talk to each other through hints and figures. In ancient time, there was a saint named Rishabh Deva but known by the name Baba Aadam. He had two daughters named Brahami and Sundari. A type of handwriting had been taught to Brahami by the saint, which spread in the world by the name of Brahami handwriting. Many types of arts as dance etc. had been taught to Sundari by the saint.

        Mudras are done in this way while dancing that whole sense (feeling) comes into the mind. The sentence, which is explained at a time through Mudras becomes very long if it is explained by speaking words. Minute postures of Mudra show all the feelings on the body. Here not only the body assumes in different shaped but also whole consciousness gets assumed in that form. Thus, consciousness shows its feelings through the dance Mudras.