Beed is a vegetation of creeper kind. Creeper becomes dry after ripening of shimbi. Its flowers are like been. There are two kinds of it: white and red. Shimbi shape is very small, but 5-5 seeds grow in every shimbi. In other words, red seed grows in red and white seed grows in white. Taking impure fruit of beed causes loose motions and vomiting as cholera. Its root can be used for the treatment of illusion instead of liqourica.

Name in different languages:

English        :        Beed tree

Hindi            :        Gunja, Chauntali, Ghughunchi, Ratti

Sanskrit       :        Safed keuchchata, Krishanla, Raktakakchinchi

Bengali        :        Swet kuch, lal kuch

Marathi         :        Gunja

Gujarat         :        Dholichanori, Rati, Chanori

Telugu          :        Guluvide

Parsian        :        Chasmekhrus

Arabic          :        Habsuphed

Precaution: By taking excessive fruit of beed tree, any problems doses not occur, and if it is applied on the affected part, it also provides relief in wound.

Quality: Both beed increase sperm count and energy in the body. It is useful for the treatment of fever, vatta and pitta disorders, breathing problems, thirst, eyes diseases, itching and leprosy. It kills the stomach worms too. It is useful for hair. It is sweet, heavy, bitter and ends vatta disorders and blood diseases. Its seeds are also useful to eliminate gas. Casting beed in the eyes is useful to end eyes inflammation and eyelid swelling.