Bed wetting while sleeping



          Mostly, children suffer from this disease. This disease occurs due to disturbed digestion and sensation of cold. If the milk is dosed to the child eat at night, it become the victim of bed wetting. Excessive use of sweet may be the cause of this disease.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • Separate the seeds from raisins and put the seeds of black peppers in them. Give 2-3 raisins to the child in the morning to eat. The disease disappears soon after the use of this medicine. 
  • Date and date palms should be given to the child to eat to get rid of this disease.
  • One spoon honey should be given to the child to lick before sleeping at night.
  • Dissolve one spoon honey in one cup of water and give to the child to drink for 4-5 days regularly. The child gets rid of this disease after taking this medicine.
  • Grind black sesame seeds into fine powder and give this powder to the child to lick. Such kinds of diseases disappear soon after the use of this medicine.
  • Rice, banana, milk and whey should not be given to children if they are the victim of bed wetting. 
  • Keep a wet bandage of soil on the abdomen of the child. Cold and hot fomentation should be given on the back bone of the child. Its use cures this disease.
  • If the child is massaged in sunlight, the habit of bed wetting of the child ends.


           In this way, children get rid of bed wetting after the treatment done by nature therapy.