Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


          Hair is a mirror of a person’s personality. Hair describes your health too. Healthy, beautiful, long, thick and shiny hair makes you beautiful and attractive. Different kinds of styles are given to the hair according to fashion. Beauty of a woman gets bloomed completely if she has black and thick hair. Hair exposes the beauty of a woman. Black and long hair of a woman was considered the symbol of beauty in ancient time. In modern time, the condition of hair is growing worse day by day because of many reasons as lack of time, mental disturbances, air pollution and negligence of hair.

          Our hair is made of a protein named ‘kerotin’. Presence of kerotine in our hair describes the importance of protein in our diet. Hair of the head grows on large scale and rapidly in comprasion to other body organs.  Generally, our hair grows 1.25 centimeter in length in a month. Hair growth depends on the age, sex, weather and genetic. Hair specailiasts suggest that more importance should be given to the health of hair in place of length of hair. Healthy, beautiful, silky hair gives an attractive look though it is short. Double mouthed hair, dry and rough hair gives no attractive look inspite of its length.    

Following are the ways to hair care:

Hair care:In this modern age, every person is trying to become beautiful and everything is done to get beautiful face and body.

          In this modern age, every person is trying to become beautiful and everything is done to get beautiful face and body. Every person wants to attract other people. A woman wants to make her all the body organs beautiful. Hair is such kind of organ because hair is called shinnig crown of head. For shining crown too much hair care is necessary. Protein, vitamin ‘B’, iron elements and iodine should be taken on large scale to make hair strong and healthy. Vitamin ‘B’ avoids hair from thinness and greyness. You should take curd too along with sufficient vitamin and protein because curd produces some such acids which help in the digestion of meal in our stomach and avoids our hair from grayness and provides natural color. Besides the nutrition of hair, knowing the nature of hair is essential because by knowing this you can care your hair properly. 

Dry and rough hair:

         Too much oil in our daily diet makes our hair rough and dry. Such kind of hair becomes double mouthed in the lack of treatment on proper time. It can be the cause of dandruff too. We should massage our head with castor or almond’s lukewarm oil to improve dry and rough hair.  Too much oil in our daily diet makes our hair rough and dry.

Technique of massaging and beautfying hair:

  • Massage of the head should be started from the center of the head. first, give movement back and forward side to the skin of forehead by keeping fingers’ tips in stable position. Thereafter, massage head properly with the help of fingers’ tips. Massage back portion of the forehead, behind the ears and lower portion of the neck. Cover forehead with any packet to provide warmth to the forehead after massaging head for 15 minutes. You can heat 2-3 small napkins by keeping on a vessel in which water is boiling. Thereafter, wrap these napkins on the plastic pouch. It is so because the head may remain too hot and too much oil may enter into the head.    
  • Wash your head with soap nut tree just after half hour. You can prepare solution of soap nut tree at your home. Boil one cup seeds of soap nut tree in six cups of water and observe whether seeds have become soft or not. Crush those seeds in water until fumes appear. You can use soap of soap nut tree too.
  • Don’t color, perm or bleach your dry hair. Comb such kind of hair gently at the root of hair use soft brush to give it life. Don’t go in sunlight for long time without wearing a scarf. Cover your head with contop while swimming. In addition to, take soup, pulse, rice or 2-3 spoons rice or milk by butter, ghee or oil. In addition to, take tablets of vitamin ‘a’ and vitamin ‘E

Oily hair:Hair of oily skined hair becomes oily too. In this situation, a person suffers from dnadruff in the head and infection on the skin in the lack of cleanliness.

  • Hair of oily skined hair becomes oily too. In this situation, a person suffers from dandruff in the head and infection on the skin in the lack of cleanliness. Washing such kind of hair with lukewarm water by applying muscovite is beneficial. Hot water increases the smoothness of hair. For it, immerse muscovite in any vessel and mix a lemon juice in it when muscovite becomes soft. Crush this solution on the head and leave it for half hour. First, wash head with lukewarm water and then cold water aftre half hour. 
  • Finally, mix 2 spoons apple vinegar or lemon juice in water and wash hair. Extra oil of the hair disappears on one hand and the head will remain cold on the other hand. You will remain far from prickly heat and sunstrokes by doing so as mentioned above. Gram flour too ends oiliness of the hair like muscovite so it can be used as muscovite. Include oily and fried foodstuffs in minimum quantity in your meal.

Damaged hair:

  • Too much use of bleaching, coloring, hair drier or using equipments to make hair curly damages hair. A hair divided into three parts is called fragmentation of hair. keep on get cut such kind of hair on time to time so that it may not divide into many fragments.
    Too much use of bleaching, coloring, hair drier or using equipments to make hair curly damages hair.
  • Fragmented hair should be washed with shampoo. Pour one egg, 3 spoons lemon juice or apple vinegar, one pinch of salt and one fourth cup of olive oil into a blender. Run blender in a fast movement to thicken the preparation. Uncover to the blender and mix one cup oil in the blender. Apply this preparation on the head gently after preparing the preparation completely. Let it dry for half hour. Hair becomes soft and shiny by doing so once in a week.   
  • Mix half cup olive oil and two spoons lemon juice in half cup of honey and keep it for two or three days. It is a preparation for completely damaged and fragmented hair. After 2-3 days, apply this preparation in the root of hair properly. Thereafter, comb hair with broad notches from front to back side. Now, massage your head again and cover head with plastic cover and wrap two-three small napkins which have been heated already to produce warmth. After half hour, wash your head with soap nut tree preparation or soap nut soap. Damaged hair will become good and shining will come in hair by doing so.

Spread hair:

  • Regular massage is very essential for the growth of hair. Move your flat palm on the empty region of head for massaging. Pull hair with the help of fingers gently and come on the last edges of hair so that lock of hair may make. Thereafter, start strain on one place of head and keep on slipping palms backwardly. Do so all over the head. This formula will increase the circulation of blood and it will increase the growth and nutrition of hair. Brushing hair with a good brush is another way for the growth of hair. The brush should not scratch the skin of the skull. Brush which scratch to the head skin is harmful and become the cause of inflammation. In this situation, hair fall starts and the victim becomes bald soon. Brush your hair properly and brushing head first time should start from the beginning to the end. Start brushing head from the lower portion of the neck and come on the beginning point by brushing head throughout the day. New, hair will start to grow and whole body will get relaxation.
  • Castor is very beneficial for hair growth. Rub its thick oil in the head and hair. Comb hair by applying this oil so that oil may enter into the head skin properly. Now, cover your head with plastic cover and wrap a napkin on the plastic cover. Now, wash your head with solution of soap nut tree or soap nut soap. Thereafter, wash hair with apple vinegar or lemon juice mixed water. Do so once every week. Take nutritive elements for the good growth of hair.   
  • Take vitamin ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘e’ in sufficient quantity. Sometimes, mental disturbances can be the cause hair fall because muscles contract to the blood pipes after shrinking. In this situation, nutritive elements don’t reach there. Hair keeps on falling until neural tension remains present. Calcium gives relaxation to the tense nerves. Therefore, mix honey in milk and take calcium tablets with this milk before sleeping for sound sleep.
  • Cut an onion into small pieces and mix in one cup wine. Let it for one day in this condition. On the next day, sieve it and fill into a bottle. Massage your head with this wine regularly for one week and then once in a week later on.

Thin hair:

  • Soft and thin hair is very silky because of this reason it keeps on sticking with the skin of head. Mix one egg, 2 spoons castor oil and vinegar and glycerin each one spoon in a blender. Massage head with this preparation. Cover head with plastic packet and then wrap hot towel on it. Wash head after half hour. Your hair will become thick, shiny after sometime.
  • Mix one egg, one spoon honey and coconut oil properly and massage hair. Give steam to the head with the help of hot towel. Shampoo your hair after sometime. This formula is very beneficial for thin, flexible and dry hair. But giving a permanent look to such kind of hair is a very hard job. If you are not able to control your hair, you should use natural spray of hair not chemical aerosol because its use is harmful for hair along with lungs.
  • Squeeze a lemon and apply in hair. Hair appears hard very much when equipments are used to make hair curly but hair seems soft and shiny when you brush your hair. Juice of lemon gets dried soon in hair. You can use lemon juice as a good layer of hair by filling it into a spray bottle. Another method for preparing hair leak is mentioned here. Cut some lemons and mix so much water in them so that they may sink into it properly and boil them until they soften.  
  • Cut lemons into small pieces with the help of blender. Squeeze this preparation and fill into a spray bottle. Use it in need. Gelatin is also a good lotion for thin hair. Dissolve two spoons gelatin in two cups of boiling water and wash head with this water. Sugar is used to set hair. Mix one spoon sugar in one glass boiling water and fill it into spray bottle. Use this preparation as a layer of hair.     

Hair falling in early age:

  • Many people become the victim of alopecia in early age because of the hair fall. Either internal or external causes of the body are responsible behind this kind of alopecia. Generally, malnutrition is the biggest cause behind it but many times it is genetic too. Other causes of alopecia are as chronic disease, typhoid, head injury, pregnancy, menstrual disturbances, living in sunlight for long time, accumulation of filth in the skin of head etc. Presence of iron, vitamins and iodine in meal helps to grow hair on the hairless region.   Many people become the victim of alopecia in early age because of the hair fall.
  • Iodine supplies blood properly in out brain and because of this reason follicle, root of the hair, gets nutrition. None can check the growth of hair until these follicles of hair are well and blood keeps on supplying in proper quantity. If there is a lack of blood in the head, blood does not supply in the brain properly because of which hair fall starts. Circulation of blood becomes slow in the lack iodine in the body. This blood circulation brings some special elements into the root of hair. 
  • Health of hair gets affected because of the slow circulation of blood. A person can face this problem if head skin is dirty. A healthy hair falls within four years until new hair grows there. New hair gets no time and place to grow if head skin is dirty
  • Dandruff takes birth in the head because of the filth in the head. Generally, dandruff is a contagious disease and it takes birth because of germs especially in oily skin. Too much secretion from the sweat glands can be the cause of dandruff. In the middle stage of the dandruff problem, mix lemon juice in the whiteness of the egg. Apply this preparation on the head to control dandruff. Wash head with soap nut tree after half hour of massage. Massage head with vitamin ‘E’ on the itching and crusty head and finally cover head with a scarf.
  • Wash head with soap nut and wash head again by mixing two spoons apple vinegar or lemon juice mixed water. Use it twice a week until crusts of the head disappear from the head completely. Mix yolk of two eggs in one fourth cup of lukewarm water. Apply this preparation on the head properly and wash head. Finally, mix three spoons apple vinegar in water and wash head. Take vitamin in your diet in sufficient quantity. Include tablets of braves yeast, fresh fruits, vegetables and protein on large scale in your meal. 

Grey hair:

         There are many causes behind the grey hair of a person before time. Sometimes, hair becomes grey because of genetic reason. Other cause of grey hair is as any kind of shock, chronic disease and mental disturbances. Many times, hair becomes grey because of the disturbance in thyrod gland. A person can suffer from grey hair if there is any kind of pituitary gland. Hair becomes grey if there is a lack of vitamin ‘A’ and ‘D’ in the meal.

Precautions in the case of grey hair:

  • Apply it in the hair after drying the bleach. Hair does not become grey again by bleaching hair once in a month. Hair is being died since ancient time. Application of henna harms neither to the hair nor to the skin of head. Henna makes hair shiny and attractive. There are many way to apply henna in hair.   
  • Many people starts to adopt dye in hair in the case of grey hair but it is not good for hair because dye contains chemical elements which are not suitable for head skin of both men and women. All the hair becomes grey if use of these things is stopped. Bleaching is the best way to get rid of grey hair by mixing one spoon hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. 
  • Often, it is observed that a person uproots to the grey hair in the beginning. Other hair starts to become grey by doing so.
  • Mix one cup henna in one cup lukewarm water.
  • Boil tea leaves in one cup hot water and dissolve one cup henna in it.
  • Mix coffee in one cup hot water and dissolve henna in it.   

Some essential information in hair:

         You can mix one egg and one spoon castor oil in these kinds of preparations. For it, cook henna in hot water for ten minutes and then mix egg and oil in it. When this preparation becomes warm, wear gloves in hands and apply it in the head and cover your head with plastic packet. Let the head dry for three hours after the application of this preparation on the head and then wash head. Henna is good hair conditioner and provides color to the hair. Hair becomes strong and healthy by using henna.

Treatment to make hair beautiful:

  •  Massage hair regularly and give steam.
  • Shampoo your hair essentially according to the nature of hair whether it is oily or dry or mixed.
  • Trimming on time to time is essential to avoid double mouthed hair.
  • Wear cap, scarf etc before going on a long journey.
  • There is a flexibility in wet hair so don’t comb your wet hair at any rate.
  • Don’t use such comb of which notches are zigzag or broken.
  • Conditioning on time to time is good for hair.
  • Don’t use hair spray, driar, roller setting, curling rod, electric roller and creeper on large scale.
  • Chemicals affect bad on the hair so such kinds of chemicals should not be used on large scale.
  • Use different kinds of ruffles, pin, hair band etc after knowing whether their use is good or bad for hair. Keep mention this thing properly before using such kinds of things.
  • Consult to the doctor soon if there is any kind of infection in the head. Try to get rid of lice if there are lice in the head otherwise they can be the cause of great problem.
  • Get your hair cut by paying attention on the age, types of face, climate and kind of hair and caliber of hair.
  • Use protein on large scale in your meal. For it, include meat, cock, fish, egg, cheese, milk, fruit, dry fruit, pulses, pods and green vegetables in your meal.
  • Too much fatty meal is harmful for the body.
  • Regular exercise is good for the growth and beauty of hair.
  • Don’t give jerks to the hair after washing hair.
  • Perspiration becomes the cause of accumulation of filth in the head. In this case, hair fall starts if the head is not washed properly.
  • Too much hot water should not be used for washing hair.
  • If you have been suffering from dandruff, comb your hair with comb with notches after ten minutes’ massage. Dandruff becomes weak by doing so and it will disappear from the head after shampooing in the hair. Wash hair properly to remove head properly.
  • Always use good shampoo. Use good hair conditioner too. There are many kinds of conditioner like shampoo. A kind of change comes in the hair because of changing shampoo and you will have to use new shampoo again and again. Pay attention on one thing too if there is too much oiliness in the head because of sebum, don’t use shampoo of dry hair.
  • Observe hair properly whether it is dry or heavy before using blow-dry or setting. Stickiness takes birth too in the head. Wash conditioner properly before making up hair.  
  • Don’t shampoo your hair hurriedly. If hair is too much oily, apply shampoo before wetting hair.
  • If your hair is long, apply conditioner on the ends of hair and spread it till the half length of hair upwardly. Wash head properly after combing hair. If you have bleached your hair or your hair is too thick, it entangle to one another. Leave a little creamrins in the hair so that hair can be set easily.  Don’t comb long hair if it is wet. Conditioner which contains protein in sufficient quantity gives strength to the hair so choose conditioner by keeping this fact in mind. Using conditioner in oily hair make them too much oily. Application of lemon juice in hair is the oldest method to reduce oiliness. Apply lemon juice in the head and wash head by mixing one big spoon vinegar in the water.
  • Cover notches of hot roller with tissue paper. Locks of hair don’t entangle to one another and it remains neat and clean. Keep on changing tissue paper of the rollers after every weak. Roll your hair carefully and cleanly to avoid folds of hair. Don’t tighten your hair while wrapping it if you want to avoid too much curliness in your hair. Use many rollers in different parts of loose hair. Spray blow dry lotion or light setting spray after wrapping hair. Don’t use any heavy setting lotion before wrapping hair.
  • Use hair spray according to its needs. Don’t depend on spray for hard setting. It is an old fashion and it affects bad to the hair. Hair which has been given good shape and moves from one place to another is beautiful.
  • Wrap scarf on the damaged or broken hair because of bleaching during vacations. If you are fond of swimming, wash your hair with neat and clean water after swimming.
  • Adopt tapping after each one and half or two months. If you want long hair, this cutting is necessary otherwise you can suffer from double mouthed hair.
  • You can change your hair style whenever you want to change it. New hair styles are the center of attraction for all.