Beauty of the eyes


Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


         When we meet someone, we look in someone’s eyes. Eyes are priceless boon gifted by god and every kind of pleasure in this world is vain without eyes. If someone wants your eyes in place of lots of money, you will deny because you can do nothing with too much money too if you don’t have eyes gifted by god to see this beautiful world. Generally, black, big and shiny eyes of a person attract any person.  Beautiful face losses its beauty if your eyes are tired and lifeless. 

To beautify eyes:

  • Drink for at least 8-10 glasses of water in day regularly.
  • Don’t read in running bus or train or by lying on the bed.
  • Minute works as sewing and reading should not be done in dim light. Give rest to the eyes while doing any work of eyes.
  • If you want to go outside, use sun glasses and umbrella because fierce sunlight, smoke, cold winds and soil particles can be harmful for eyes.
  • Always watch television at the distance of ten feet. Never watch television in dark room. Presence of dim light is necessary in the room where you are watching television other watching television will be harmful for eyes.
  • Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is necessary. In this case, dark circles appear around the eyes in the lack of sleeping and the skin near about the eyes becomes flabby.    
  • Cut a potato into pieces and rub around the eyes or keep them on the eyes for 20 minutes by ling on the bed if you want to remove dark circles appeared around the eyes. Lie in a dark room by keeping round pieces of cucumber on the eyes. 
  • Drench cotton wad into rosewater and keep it on the eyes if you are feeling tiredness in your eyes.
  • Drench a cotton wad in tea water and keep it into fridge for cooling. Keep this cotton wad on the eyes by lying on the bed when cotton wad becomes cold. Dark circles around the eyes disappear within some days by doing so.
  • Mustard oil massage on the head and feet provides relief to the eyes.
  • Massage castor oil around the eyes gently. Tiredness of the eyes and inflammation disappear by doing so.
  • Take a little almond oil and apply around the eyes and cleanse after 20 minutes. Eyes get relief by doing so.
  • If there are wrinkles around the eyes, application of whiteness provides relief.
  • Application of concealer on the wrinkles appeared around the eyes before make up makes them beautiful.
  • We should walk on bare foot on the green and wet grass. Eyesight becomes strong by doing so.
  • Immerse triphala powder in water and sieve it through a thin cloth. Wash eyes with this water to get rid of inflammation and tiredness of the eyes.
  • Sink your eyes in water filled in any vessel after getting up in the morning. Doing so is beneficial for eyes.


         Don’t eat spicy foodstuff. Include green leafy vegetables which contain iron and vitamin ‘A’ in rich quantity in your diet. Spinach, carrot, Indian gooseberry, milk, curd, cheese, cabbage should be eaten on large scale. If you can eat egg and fish, take such things necessarily. Don’t drop any medicine in eyes without consulting to a doctor.

Treatment of eyes through make up:

  • Drench a cotton wad in cold rose water and keep it on the eyes before make up. Eyes get freshness by doing so.
  • To get rid of dark circle around the eyes, you can apply concealer and a little foundation. This formula hides dark circles to some extant by doing so.
  • Use creamy or liquid cosmetics in winter for make up whereas use powder in summer.
  • Eyeliner and mascara should be in liquid form in summer season too but they should be water proofed.
  • Apply collyrium from the internal corner to the external corner. Collyrium of small box or pencil can be used. 
  • Eyeliner should be applied on the upper eyelid’s lower side. Keep the eyeliner on the center of the upper eyelid and bring it to the corner and then bring it back on the center of the eyelid. Bring the eyeliner till the external corner by touching to the eyelids.
  • If you want to apply eyeliner, apply it on the upper side eyelid. Don’t blink for sometime after the application of eyeliner other eyelids can stick to each another.

Treatment of eyes with exercise:

  • Apply a bindi on a wall or make a point with pencil. Keep on gazing this bindi or point without blinking eyes. Blink your eyes when water starts to flow from the eyes. Repeat it 8-10 times.
  • Move your eyes upwardly. Then bring it right side and bring it left side by moving them from below side.
  • Cover your eyes and remember any black thing. Thereafter, close and open your eyes again and again.
  • Eyes get lots of relief by observing first rays of sun in the morning just after getting up.
  • Look straightly and take rest for some days by closing eyes for some times. Repeat it ten times.
  • Look left and right side by moving eyeballs without folding head. Repeat it ten times necessarily.
  • Keep on watching any distant thing continuously. Then, look the thing which is present near about you. Repeat this action for at least ten times.
  • Look towards ceiling without moving head. Thereafter, look toward floor. Repeat it ten times.
  • Imagine something by moving eyes while observing straightly. Do so for one minute.