Beauty care in different seasons

Beauty care in different seasons

Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :


          Each season whether it is winter, hot or rainy season affects our beauty very much. Even though, make up material which is beneficial in one season can be harmful as another season falls. Not only so, atmosphere of different regions can also affect our health and beauty directly. We will not make ourselves beautiful as much until we will know the ways to save our health and beauty in different atmosphere.  


Hot season:

          We have to face different kinds of problems as hot season comes. Such problems are as sweating, prickly heat, stickiness and constant removal of make up from the face. The skin becomes dead and faded. Your skin will become beautiful after a little care and your will feel activeness in the body. Sweat perspires on large scale from the body in summer. Pay too much attention on the cleanliness to avoid many problems.


  • Taking bath regularly is essential for cleanliness and freshness. 
  • Mix rose petals in the water and take bath. Fragrance of rose petals will keep on smelling you throughout the day.
  • Mix a little milk or one lemon juice in the water and take bath with this water. We feel nervousness in summer season because of too much perspiration from the body
  • The skin gets dry because of fast sunlight in summer. Wrinkles appear on the skin. Apply suns cream lotion on the skin and use glasses and umbrella while going outside.

Oily skin:

  • Oily skin needs too much attention in summer season. Pores of the oily skin get open in this season. Cosmetics and particles of dust and soil get enter into them. Consequently, acnes and pimples along with other skin problems appear on the face. Cleanse such kind of skin with fresh milk and apply astringent lotion. The production of the oily element named sebum gets reduced.   
  • Mix tomato, cucumber (kheera) and lemon juice altogether. Apply this preparation on the skin. This application provides lots of relief.


  • Avoid your eyes from sunlight otherwise allergy your eyes can suffer from allergy. Exhaustion is felt in eyes because of heat and they become faded.
  • Cool tea leaves’ water and drench a cotton wad in it. Keep this wad on the eyes. Tiredness of eyes ends and a kind of luster comes in the eyes.
  • Squeeze cumber and cool its juice by keeping it in fridge. Thereafter, drench two cotton wads in it and keep on the eyes. This formula provides lots of relief.


  • Never keep your hair in open condition in summer season. You can make high plait, roll or high braid. Hair fallen on the face and neck gets stick with the skin and produces boredom.  
  • Hair becomes dry and hard in summer which appears very dirty. Shampoo your hair twice or thrice in a week necessarily. Apply henna once in a month.
  • Wear cotton clothes in summer season. Under garment should be cotton too because they absorb sweat and provide coolness to the body.
  • Don’t dark and heavy make in summer season. We should not use oily based cosmetics at any rate. Mostly powdered cosmetics should be used. Rub ice on the face a little before the application of cosmetic.  
  • Sweating is a serious problem in this season. Foul smell comes from the body because of which pores of the skin get closed. Water should be drunk on large scale in this season. Take bath with cold water in the morning and evening. Mix lemon juice in water before taking bath.
  • Pay too much attention on your diet. Include tomatoes, cucumber (kakri, kheera), green leafy vegetables, curd, cheese and milk without cream in your meal. Oily, fried and fatty foodstuffs should not be taken. Take tea, coffee and other hot drinkable in minimum quantity. Walking in the morning and evening is necessary. 

Rainy season:

  • Too much care is required in rainy season. The skin gets affected from many problems as allergy, boils-pimples and other skin diseases.
  • Don’t apply any liquid cosmetic in rainy season because it flows with water in rain. The result of it is that stains and lines appear on the face. In this situation, the face appears strange and dirty. You can apply moisturizer in place of any liquid cosmetic. Blusher, lipstick, collyrium and eyebrow pencil can be used too. bindi in liquid form should not be apply on the forehead. Use sticker bindi.  
  • Apply dark colored lipstick on the lips. Apply lip-gloss on the internal portion after the application of lipstick on the edge of lips. Apply blusher on the cheek bone of which color resemblances with skin.  Give a shape to the eyebrows and darken this shape with pencil.
  • Wear nylon or synthetic colorful clothes in rainy season because such kinds of clothes get dry soon after wetting in rainy season. No folds and stain appears on such kinds of clothes. Don’t wear silky and cotton clothes in this season. Wear dark colored clothes in this season.
  • Too much attention should be given on the feet in rainy season. Sometimes, dirty soil gets stick with the feet while walking on the road. This dirty soil becomes the cause of itching and boils. We should wear sleepers and shoes by applying oil on the feet. Don’t keep feet wet in this season at any rate. Mix a little salt and one spoon shampoo in lukewarm water and drench your feet in this water. Wash feet with clean water after sometime. Mop feet with neat and clean towel and massage them with coconut oil.
  • Don’t keep your hair wet in rainy season because wet hair can be the cause of itching and pimples on the head skin. Make plait or pony tail. Don’t tie your hair tightly.

Winter season:

  • The skin has to face several kinds of difficulties in winter season. Humidity of the skin gets reduced in winter season because of cold winds. Skin becomes rough and coarse after drying. Massage your whole body along with hands, feet and face in leisure after doing work. The skin becomes shiny by doing so. Use soap which contains glycerin in winter season.
  • Mix some milk and cream in one spoon gram flour. Mix honey in this preparation too. Apply this preparation on the face and neck for 20 minutes. Take bath after 20 minutes. Its use improves beauty.
  • Apply cold cream or nourishing cream on the face and neck and massage for five minutes before sleeping at night.
  • Wear gloves in the hands while washing pots or clothes.
  • Apply body lotion all over the body after taking bath and apply moisturizer on the face necessarily.
  • Wear closed shoes or bellies in feet. Cracks appear on the feet if shocks are not worn. Woolen clothes are use in this season but don’t go for sleeping by wearing shocks, sweater or shawl.  
  • Sit in the sunlight in the opposite direction. Sunlight should not fall on the face directly because it can be harmful for it.
  • Don’t use too much hot water for bath. Take bath in lukewarm water. Apply moisturizer or cold cream by washing face, hands and feet with lukewarm water. Apply cream on the face which contain vitamin ‘E’ on large scale.
  • Winter is the best season for eating. You can include every kind of green leafy vegetables, fruits which contain all the vitamins and dry fruits in your diet.
  • You can use cream, powder and liquid cosmetic in this season. Dark colors can be used too but cleanliness is must in this season too.
  • Hair becomes dry and entangle to one another. Massage your head with mustard or olive oil at night before one day of washing head. Wrap a wet twisted towel drenched in hot water around the head. Give steam for ten minutes on the hair. Squeeze a lemon in one egg and apply on the hair. Hair becomes shiny and silky by using this preparation.