Beautifying face with the help of facial

Beautifying face with the help of facial


         Muscles of face and neck become strong and healthy after facial. It removes to the wrinkles of the face appeared before time. Facial also reduces obesity of a person. It gives relaxation to the face and increases blood circulation. Facial should be done on a clean and still place. Don’t use light at the time of facial.  

There are two types of facials-

1. Corrective facial:

         We can get rid of several kinds of skin problems with the help of corrective facial. Such kinds of problems are as wrinkles, blackheads, oily face, acne and dryness of the skin.

2. Preservative facial:

         This kind of facial is done to clean skin and improve blood circulation. Glands become active and nerves get relief by doing this.


  • Wash hands properly before facial
  • Tie hair band at the back of head.
  • Wear gown at the time of facial.
  • Cleanse your face properly.
  • Cut your nails if they are big.
  • If hands are cold, make them warm after rubbing.
  • Night is the best time for facial.
  • Atmosphere should be cold in summer and hot in winter season.