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            The big and thick creeper of babreng grows itself on hilly areas of India. It takes the support of near by tree and spreads over the tree. Its branches are uneven, flexible, thin, knotty and in cylindrical shape. Its leaves are sharp, smooth, 2 to 4 inches long, one and half inches broad and in egg shape. There are marks on the leads’ glands like red small points. Its flowers are white or red with a little greenness. Its bunch has 4-5 flowers. Its fruits are smooth, full of pulp, round like the black peeper corns and grow in clusters. Its dry and ripe fruits are in dusky colour with redness. If someone presses its fruit with hands, it breaks easily. Its fruit has a seed which has a membrane and white mark.

Name in different languages:

English      :       Babreng

Hindi          :       Baybidang

Sanskrit     :       Bidang

Marathi      :       Bavding

Gujarati     :       Baybidang

Bengali      :       Baybidang

Latin          :       Embeliaribes

Precautions: Taking over quantity of babreng or its long use is harmful for intestines. There should be a gap during this treatment. Here it means to say that this medicine should not be taken continuously.

Dosage: The powder of babreng fruits should be taken in the quantity of 1-2 grams.

Quality: Babreng is small, spicy, pungent, bitter and hot. It eliminates Vatta and kapha. It digests easily and increases the appetite. It fairs the complexion and dilutes the urine. It enhances physical power.

According to scientists:

            It has been found after analyzing its chemical structure of babreng that it contains a type of flyable oil, tannin, ambled acid and resinous substance. It destroys stomach and intestines worms. Babreng has been using as a medicine since long ago. Besides it, babreng also destroys the germs of tuberculosis.

Useful in different diseases:

Toothache: Mix a little asafetida with the powder of babreng fruit and put it on the tooth. Its use stops toothache.

Stomach and intestinal worms: Take 2 grams fine powder of babreng fruit with jiggery (gur) before sleeping at night regularly. Its use kills stomach worms. Take its 1 gram powder with curd and after 3-4 hours the victim should take 4 spoons castor oil mixing with one cup milk. Its use kills the worms and brings them out.

Contraception: Mix equal quantity of babreng fruit’s powder and the powder of small pepper together. Take one spoon this powder twice a day from 5th to 20th day after beginning the menstrual excretion. The woman does not become pregnant.

Stomach pain and vomiting: Take half spoon powder of babreng’s fruit with whey twice a day. Its use stops stomachache and vomiting.

Infantile diseases: Grind 5-6 seeds of babreng and give mixing with honey to the afflicted child daily. Its regular use provides relief in all infantile diseases.

Skin diseases: Grind the powder of babreng fruit with water and apply it on the skin. Its use provides relief in the skin diseases.

Vatta disorders: Take half spoon powder of babreng fruit with one spoon powder of garlic twice a day. Its use checks the vatta disorders caused by weakness of the head and nerves.

Catarrh: Smelling fine powder of babreng’s fruit many times a day provides relief in catarrh.


  • Make the powder by grinding babreng, hen bane seeds and pyllitory root 10 grams each together and filter it through a cloth. Brushing with this powder daily reduces toothache and gums’ ache.
  • Make the powder by grinding babreng and mix a little asafetida in it. Keeping this mixture in the hollowness of the tooth. Its use ends toothache and the flow of pus from the gums.
  • Keep babreng and asafetida in the hole of the tooth. It kills the germs of tooth. Toothache caused by hollowness disappears by its use.  

Teeth grinding: Mix 6 grams babreng powder in 100 grams curd. Taking this mixture twice a day for 3 days abolishes the habit of teeth grinding.

Diseases of anus: Grind 5 grams babreng and mix honey in it. Giving this mixture to the child twice a day is beneficial in all the diseases pertaining to anus.

Inflammation and swelling of the tongue: Make a decoction by boiling small pepper, hujuj and babreng together. Wash tongue with this decoction and prepare powder by grinding above mentioned herbs then apply it on the tongue. Allow to saliva to come out. Its use cures all the diseases of the tongue.


  • Mix babreng, dry ginger and jiggery (gur) together. Taking this mixture with water from the beginning of menstrual excretion regularly in the morning ends the pain during this period.
  • Make the powder by grinding babreng, juniper berry (howber), saltpetre and impure carbonate of potash (javakhar) 6 grams each together. Take one gram this powder after the meals twice a day. It should be taken three days before the menstrual excretion till menses end. It provides relief in dysmenorrhoea.

Stone: Mix babreng, rock salt, sar, sugar-candy, juice of sathhi, impure carbonate of potash (javakhar), juice of ash gourd, juice of sesame, seed of peeth and caltrop 5 grams each together and prepare decoction by boiling all of them. Drinking this decoction twice a day removes all types of stone.

Vagina tumour: Soak babreng, ruddle, yellow coach grass and box myrtle 10 grams each in 500 ml water at night. On the next morning, boil this mixture until it remains only ¼. Cool it and wash vagina with this water. Mix gram pulse and half quantity of saltpetre in this decoction. Immerse a cotton wad in this decoction and keep it in the vagina thrice a day. It use dissolves the tumour of the vagina.