Name in Different Languages:

English      :       Ghatigum, Batton tree

Hindi          :       Dhava, Dhankda, Bakli

Sanskrit     :       Dhava, Gour, Nanditaru, Dhurandhar, Dardhtaru

Marathi      :       Dhawra

Gujarati     :       Dhawro

Bengali      :       Daoya

Latin          :       Anogeissus Latifolia


           It is small, dry, pungent, sweet and bitter. It keeps sperm cool and ends Kapha and Pitta disorders. It increases digestive power and sperm count. It brings urine easily and purifies the blood. It use provides relief in swelling, white leprosy, diarrhea, loose-motion, spermatorrhoea, jaundice, blood piles, blood disorders and body weakness. It removes poison and chemical effects. Its flowers are useful to eliminate constipation. Its fruits are sweet and cold, and cause constipation. Its fruits also enhance sperm count and ends Kapha and Pitta disorders. Its gum is nutritive and causes excitement of sex.