Bath in rain


Introduction :

         Rainwater is the best for the treatment of all types of diseases. If a person takes bath in this water, it is much beneficial. But, a person should not take this bath in the beginning of rain for some days because there are many particles of the way in rainy water. Several polluted substances are mixed in this water. Mostly, rain comes after storm and tempest.

         Small oxygen, nitrogen, carbon medicine, ammonia and ammonia nitrate, are mixed in rainwater. Taking bath in rain water is possible only in rainy season, which provides freshness like cascade. Rub body with a thick towel after or before taking bath or make the body light warm by other use because making the body warm is necessary.

         If we take bath for one year in rainy water, all the skin diseases of the body vanish.

         Water falls down on the body from much height in rainy season, so this bath can be called a normal bath too.