Bath by wet sheet


          The patient (who wants to take bath of wet sheet) should drench his body with sweat first. Thereafter, he should take friction bath or do light exercise. After that, soak a big sheet of cotton in cold water (in tolerable condition) properly and squeeze it. Now mke the patient stand in a tub or any wide pot. After that, raise both the hands of the patient up with the help of another person. Thereafter, wrap wet sheet on the patient’s body. Now, start to wrap wet sheet from the left side and cover the whole body. The patient should hold the bad sheet tightly so that it may not slip.

         After that, another person should rub patient’s body hurriedly and if the body becomes warm, sprinkle excessive water on the body. After 5-10 minutes, remove the wet sheet from the body and wrap the dry sheet. Thereafter, rub to the whole body again and wear clothes. This technique is called bath by wet sheet. The weak patient can take this bath too by sitting on table or lying on the cot. The patient should use lukewarm water while taking this bath. The patient gets vitality power by taking this bath.