Basti karma

Basti karma


        In this activity, the water is filled into the intestines by the help of a pipe through the anus and then the water is brought out from the anus by which intestines become clean properly after cleansing the stool. This activity is also called anima too. This activity is done by two ways as Jalabasti and sthalabasti. Nowadays, a machine has been made for the basti karma.

 In this activity, the water is filled into the intestines by the help of a pipe through the anus and then the water is brought out from the anus by which intestines become clean properly after cleansing the stoolTechnique of jalbasti-

        Take a big tub for this activity in which you may sit easily or comfortably. Now take a soft pipe of metal or wood for it and the length of this pipe should be 4-5 inches and which may be insert into the anus easily. Now sit in that tub in utkata asana on the tiptoes and fit this pipe in the anus and shrink intestines during the practice of Uddiyana Bandha. Thereafter, stop for one second and stretch again. The water will reach into the intestines by doing so. When the water fills into the intestines, separate the pipe and move the stomach right and left for 4-5 times by the nouli activity. After that, exclude internal water filled in the intestines from the anus.


        Such type of pipe should be taken for this activity of which one side is thick and second thin. Apply a ring of any metal on thin side and inset this pipe into the anus from the thin portion.

Sthala basti activity-

        For this activity, make the position of sitting in paschiothan asana first. Now suck air into the intestines through the anus and do the practice of ashvini mudra for about 15-20 times. After that, stop breath inside the body for sometime then exclude this air (exhale).  

Basti kirya with machine-

        There is a long pipe fitted in this machine, which is used for this activity. There is rubber tube of its one end. Attach one side of the pipe without rubber with a nozzle and open this nozzle. Keep the speed of water of the nozzle according to the desire. After that, insert two inches pipe (which has been covered by the rubber and water is coming out) into the anus and hold the pipe from the left hand. Now the water fills into the rectum through the anus and the water will start to come out itself with the evacuation.

        In addition to, choked stool begin to come out from the body through the anus. This activity can be done just after the evacuation while sitting on the seat. When the water starts to come out from the anus by this activity, you can separate the pipe from the anus or you can separate the pipe after clearing the stomach completely. If the stomach does not make clear properly, you can do this activity again. Old stool comes out from the intestines.

        Attach this machine to the nozzle of toilet and open the water. The air (which is present into the pipe) will come out from the pipe and water begins to come. After that, apply oil on the second side of the pipe or on the anus and hold it from the pinch, and fit with the anus. Keep attention that do this activity while blowing water and machine should be kept held. The water will start to flow from the anus after filling in the stomach. If the water begin to come out from inside, do not stop water from flow but don’t separate pipe. Intestines will become clean properly by filling and flowing water. Do this activity for ten minutes and thereafter clean the pipe by separating.

Benefits in the disease from these activities-

        Polluted air comes out from the body by the practice of this activity and constipation is broken. The mind remains in control by it by which thoughts of the mind become simple. It brings glow on the face and increases the shine of the face. The person gets good sleep after this activity and it ends laziness too. The person feels energy and freshness in the body by this activity. All the stomach diseases, spleen disorders, liver disorders, colic pain and anus diseases are cured by this activity. This activity is helpful in the treatment of vata, pitta and kapha disorders, gastric problem and dropsy.

        It cures diseases related to sperm disorders. The stool of the rectum becomes clean by it by which all the intestinal disorders disappear. It increases appetite and purifies apaan. This activity is useful in the treatment of piles and fistula. It cools down bladder warmth and increases digestion power, makes the sperm thick and eliminates stomach gas. Mostly, all the diseases occur in the body because of constipation. Polluted poisonous blood generates many types of problems and disorders by mixing in all the cells by decaying the stool in the intestines due to constipation.

        The blocked stool becomes clean from the intestines by this activity and the constipation disappears by which many types of diseases are cured. Some persons use medicine to break constipation, which are stimulated. By it, excitement originates in the intestines and some stool comes out from the intestines by becoming loose. Thus, taking medicine repeatedly may be harmful for the intestines by which medicine leaves no effect on the body. The constipation keeps on increasing by it. Therefore, this activity is very helpful in making the intestines clean.