Baryta muriatica




         Baryta Muriatica is used for curing organic lesions and physical and mental diseases of an old person. The old person suffering from brain diseases, hardness of the arteries, headache, head’s heaviness, tinnitus aureum and giddiness caused by blood deficiency in his brain, etc., should take Baryta Muriatica. It cures these symptoms quickly. This medicine is used for alimentary canal especially it acts on joints, muscles and rectum. It ends physical weakness and body twistness. Taking Baryta Muriatica enhances white cells in the blood and keeps vascular degeneration normal. This medicine checks nervous strain. It is also very useful for curing heart and mental disorders. Baryta Muriatica is also used for curing loose motions, vomiting, nausea, stomach-ache, yawning and digestion problems.    

          Baryta Muriatica removes hardness and contraction of the heart. It gets rid of stomach pain and heart pain which occurred after taking meals. Baryta Muriatica should be used for curing aneurism and tonsils problems.

Symptoms of the reproductive organs: In the condition of sexual excitement in both man and woman, this medicine can be used. Sometimes, the patient of insanity and senselessness wants to involve in sexual intercourse and also wants to commit suicide. Giving this medicine to the patient provides quick relief. It ends excessive sexual desire.

Symptoms related to Paralysis: In this disease, the patient suffers from excessive coldness and his body becomes cold like ice. Baryta Muriatica is the best medicine for curing such types of symptoms. This medicine also ends hardness of the brain and back-bone. It reduces the power of muscles. The patient suffers from muscular twist, weakness of hands and foot, laziness after getting up in the morning and partial paralysis after influenza and diphtheria. Giving Baryta Muriatica to the suffered patient cures above symptoms.     

         The child who always keeps his mouth open, this medicine is very useful for him. This medicine is also useful for curing deafness and insanity.

Ears related symptoms: Baryta Muriatica should be used in cases of tinnitus aureum, sough sound inside the ears while chewing or swallowing something or sneezing, swelling of the ears joints, offensive pusing from ears and ears pain which cures after drinking cold water. When the patient clears the nose, the middle part of his ears is increased. Baryta Muriatica is used for curing such types of symptoms.

Throat related symptoms: The patient feels problem in swallowing food and he also feels as if throat pipe is increased. The patient suffers from swelling in the throat glands, numbness of kambukarni pipes, sneezing and tinnitus aureum. Taking Baryta Muriatica cures above symptoms.   

Symptoms of the respiratory pipe: Baryta Muriatica is used for curing breathing problems. If an old person suffers from swelling of the respiratory-pipe and heart enlargement, taking Baryta Muriatica provides quick relief. This medicine brings phlegm out which has blocked in the lungs. It reduces hardness of heart nerves. It also reduces strain of the arteries caused by breathing problems in old aged.

Stomach related symptoms: Baryta Muriatica should be taken for curing problems of yawning, vomiting and feeling of empty abdomen. The patient feels as if warmth is moving towards his head. Taking Baryta Muriatica provides quick relief.

Symptoms related to urinary diseases: In this disease, uric acid is increased in urine and chloride is reduced. Baryta Muriatica is very useful for curing urine problems.

Abdominal symptoms: Baryta Muriatica should be used in the cases of burning sensation in the stomach, hardness of clom glands, swelling of chest (vakshan) glands, rectum pain with numbness and enlargement of the stomach arteries. It is the best drug for checking these symptoms.


Baryta Muriatica can be compared with drugs like- Plumbum-Iod, Aurum-Muriaticum, etc.


         3x or 200 potency of Baryta Muriatica can be taken to cure diseases. This medicine acts on diseases slowly. So, it can be used repeatedly.


         Taking additional quantity of Baryta Muriatica can cause hunch-backed. Taking this medicine enhances white cells in the blood. So, by taking its additional, the face becomes whitish.