Baryta iodata




        Mostly, Baryta Iodata is used for curing throat diseases. This medicine acts on lymphatic system and enhances white cells in the blood. Baryta Iodata is used for curing swelling of the tonsils (tonsillitis) and throat ulcers. A person suffering from breast and glands hardness especially, throat glands, etc. should take this medicine. It provides quick relief in these symptoms. If the mental and physical growth of the patient have stopped and neck glands are puffed, taking Baryta Iodata checks deficiency of Iodata and the body grows properly.

        Baryta Iodata is also used for getting relief from eyes pain.

        Baryta Iodata is also very useful for curing chronic swelling and hardness of the testicles. This medicine cures throat diseases and increases mental and physical strength.


        Baryta Iodata can be compared with drugs like- Aconite, Lycotonum, Lepis, Conium, Mercurius-Iod, Carbo-Animalis, etc.


        Baryta Iodata is used as 2 and 3 potency for curing diseases.