Baryta acetica



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          Baryta Acetica is used for curing paralysis. This medicine cures paralysis which generates from feet and is moved upwards. This medicine is very useful in paralysis. Baryta Acetica is also used for curing scabies which appears in old age.

Useful in different diseases:

Mind related symptoms: The patient suffering from weak memory and lack of confidence, he goes on thinking about something, etc., Baryta Acetica is the best medicine for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body:

Baryta Acetica should be used in cases of pain in the left leg as if someone is straining his leg and feeling as if ants are crawling on his skin. The patient also suffers from pain like pricking hot needle. It gets rid of pain quickly.

Baryta Acetica is useful for curing paralysis and backache. It also gets rid of muscles pain and pain of arthritis.


Baryta Acetica can be used as 2 and 3 potency again and again.