Barleria Prionitis



Name in different languages:

Hindi             -             Pili Katsareiya, Pila Piyabansa, Jhinti

Sanskrit        -             Kurntak, Pitkurav, Kurand, Sahachri, Pit-Jhinti

Marathi         -             Pivla koranta, Kalsund

Gujrati          -             Kanta seriyo

Bengali         -             Pit jhantigachh, Kanta Jhanti

Latin             -             Barleria prionitis


        Barleria prionitis is cool and hot in nature and pungent, spicy and bitter in taste and nutritive. It normalizes vatta and kapha. It is useful to end swelling, inflammation due to pimples, itching, blood disorders, skin disease, puerperal fever (sutika) and tooth problems. It quenches thirst and destroys worms. It is very useful for the hair and makes the hair long. It also makes the hair black, thick and strong.