Baptisia tinctoreaaa



            Baptisia Tinctorea is used according to the symptoms of diseases resulting diseases are cured after removing symptoms. But especially, this medicine is used for curing typhoid.

Useful in different symptoms:

Symptoms related to mental disorders: The patient feels nausea and always thinks about something. He is not able himself as stable and feels as if his body has divided. The patient feels as if his body parts are not joined to each other. These are the symptoms of mental disorders. Taking Baptisia Tinctorea provides quick relief.    

Face-related symptoms:- The patient who suffers from blackness and fadeness of the face, should take Baptisia Tinctorea. It cures these symptoms.

Eyes related symptoms: In this disease, eyesight is reduced and by the face of patient, seems as if he is trying to remember something. Baptisia Tinctorea should be given to the patient in this situation. It provides quick relief.

Mouth-related symptoms:-

  • Taking Baptisia Tinctorea cures mouth blisters and prevents offensive smell coming from the mouth.
  • Baptisia Tinctorea can be used in cases of tongue’s dryness and flecks or lines in middle of the tongue. 

Stomach-related symptoms:- Baptisia Tinctorea is used in cases of rumbling sound of the stomach and feeling of intense pain in the stomach due to touching the side part of the stomach. It ends strange noise and gets rid of stomach pain.

Symptoms related to urine and stool: The patient suffers from diluet loose motions which have severe offensive smell and offensive smell of urine, stool and sweat. Baptisia Tinctorea is the best medicine for preventing offensive smell.

Symptoms related with sleep:- The patient suffers from excessive tiredness caused by disease and does not get complete freshness after awaking. The patient wants to live in the open area and cold air, and he feels excessive laziness. The patient also suffers from body pain as if someone has crushed his body. Baptisia Tinctorea is used to end such types of symptom. 

  • The patient who is not able to sleep properly during typhoid, should take Baptisia Tinctorea, it provides quick relief.
  • If a person feels problem in swallowing food, Baptisia Tinctorea should be given to him, it provides relief.
  • The patient suffers from pain of the body parts during sleeping as if someone has crushed his body parts. This is the best medicine for providing relief from pain.
  • Taking Gelsemium during fever that causes such symptoms of fever which are cured by taking Baptisia Tinctorea.
  • Homeopathic treatment cures typhoid faster than other treatments.

Typhoid related symptoms:-

  • In the initial stage of typhoid, if the patient has been suffering from excessive coldness and body pain especially in the head and back as if someone has crushed his body, also suffering from pain by touching the body parts, etc., taking Baptisia Tinctorea cures such symptoms of typhoid. 
  • Baptisia Tinctorea should be used in cases of nervousness, laziness, excessive sleeping, weakness which go on increasing day by day and mental disorders due to which, sleeping power is reduced. The face of patient looks as if his mind is not working. Patient glands do not work properly due to which, he sleeps during answering. The patient also suffers from tongue blisters which appear under the tongue. In the beginning, these blisters are white and later, these are turned into brown. When these blisters seem clearly, the patient suffers from mental disorders and delirium. The patient goes on changing his sides on the bed at night and feels as if his body parts are spread, and he is trying to collect them. The patient also suffers from loose motions and offensive smell of urine, stool and sweat. Giving Baptisia Tinctorea to the suffered patient cures such types his symptoms. It is the best drug for curing typhoid.