Taking Baptisia generates symptoms of diseases. Baptisia recovers sick to health by generating normal fever, blood poisoning, malaria and extreme prostration. Giving this medicine to the suffered patient cures above diseases too. The patient suffers from intense pain of the muscles and offensive smell from breath, stool and sweat caused by decayed, this medicine is very useful for curing such types of problems. Baptisia is also used for curing influenza and cholera. It also prevents offensive smell of stool and belching caused by decomposition of stool in the intestines of a child. It also sets the motions.

        Baptisia is also used for curing typhoid. If the patient uses Baptisia during typhoid or according to typhoid symptoms, it cures typhoid quickly. According to allopathic doctors, any diseases can not be cured until it completes its duration while according to homeopathic; diseases can be cured by ameliorating its symptoms. If the patient has been suffering from typhoid, pneumonia and whooping cough, these diseases can be cured according to the treatment of their symptoms. Treatment of the patient by scientific way is much effective, but the patient does not stay on one thing. They cure diseases, but after some years, diseases occur again. According to homeopathic science, allopathic science is progressing, but it is not achieved its target. They are searching now too. So, allopathic is false, illogical and unbelievable. According to homeopathic doctors, life and death is certain due to fault of curing chronic diseases and wrong precautions. So, it is not useful for the treatment of any person with approximately knowledge. Homeopathy is an easy method to cure diseases, but if someone has no knowledge about the symptoms of diseases, it may be hard for him. So, there is only one way to treat the patient and that is knowledge about the symptoms of diseases.  

Useful in different symptoms:

  1. Typhoid:- In this case, the patient feels body pain like hurt. First, the patient feels cold then suffers from pain of forehead, back, hands, feet and the whole body like twist. The patient suffers from excessive sleeping, gloom, lack of consciousness, senselessness caused by nervousness and weakness which increases day by day. In this disease, white and yellow or brown colour filth affixes on the tongue. The patient goes on changing his sides on the bed at night and looks like that he is trying to collect something. The patient suffers from insomnia, feeling of strange noise in his stomach, offensive smell of stool and urine, strange noise after pressing the painful part, loose motions and pain in middle of the thighs and the lower portion of his stomach, etc., Baptisia medicine is used for curing such types of symptom. It also gets rid of pain quickly. 
  2. Mental disorders:- Baptisia should be used in cases of illusion, inability in thinking, understanding and taking decision. He feels that his body has divided into many parts. The patient also feels weariness and he goes on changing his sides on the bed at night like he is trying to collect something on the bed. The patient suffers from delirium, illusion, sleepiness, weeping and sorrow. Giving Baptisia to such patient cures above symptoms and brings mental disorders under control.
  3. Head-related symptoms:- The patient goes on suffering from illusion, giddiness and strain of the forehead skin and the rear portion of his head. The patient feels as if he is swimming in the water and also feels pressure in the nose joints. The patient suffers from head heaviness, forehead pain, head numbness, eyes pain, intense sleeping, deafness, eyelid’s heaviness, etc., Baptisia is very useful to end these problems.
  4. Face relted symptoms:- Baptisia should be used for curing problems of besotted look, face redness, pain of the nose joints and hardness of jaws muscles.
  5. Mouth related symptoms:- Baptisia is also used for checking mouth-bitterness; toothache, gums-ache, mouth ulcers, gums stroke and offensive smell from breathe. The patient feels that his tongue is burnt, and tongue’s colour changed into yellow or saffron (kathhaie) colour. The patient also suffers from tongue pain, tongue dryness, cracked tongue, pain and suffocation after meals. Baptisia should be taken for removing these symptoms. It cures mouth blisters and gets rid of pain quickly.
  6. Throat related symptoms:- Baptisia should be used for curing problems of palate redness caused by tonsils, contraction of the respiratory pipe, throat irritation, throat pain and offensive fluid from the throat, feeling of contraction near the heart, pain and problems during taking meals.  
  7. Stomach related symptoms:- The patient suffers from pain while swallowing food, vomiting caused by twisting of the pharynx, indigestion, excessive thirst, stomach weakness, pain of the digestive systems and fever caused by stomach disorders. The patient feels a solid thing in the stomach. Drinking wine or bear aggravates these symptoms and creates heart contraction, swelling of the stomach and intestines ulcers. Taking Baptisia provides quick relief from pain, wound and fever.
  8. Abdominal symptoms:- In this disease, the right part of the stomach is affected much, and the patient suffers from surfeited, strange noise of the stomach, loose motions, pain in the upper part of stomach bladder, loose motions with blood which contains offensive smell, amoebic dysentery, pain near the liver and stomach. Giving Baptisia to the patient cures above symptoms and gets rid of pain.
  9. Symptoms related to women diseases:- Baptisia is very useful for curing woman diseases like- hysteria and fever caused by hurt or awaking at the night. Baptisia is used for preventing secretion from the womb. The woman who suffers from puerperal fever, excessive menstrual flow before timing, offensive menstrual secretion, etc., should take Baptisia for getting quick relief.
  10. Symptoms related to the respiratory systems:- Baptisia should be taken in cases of lungs strain, breathing problems, suffocation, desire to sleep in the open area and feeling of suffocation at the night. The patient is not able to sleep due to fear and night-mare. The patient also suffers from pain or strain or contraction of the chest. Taking Baptisia cures above symptoms and gets rid of pain.
  11. Symptoms related to the external parts of the body:- The patient feels tiredness or heaviness in his neck and he also feels as if someone has crushed his body. The patient suffers from body pain, body twist, strain and pain of the armpits and legs, pain near the legs and buttocks, wounds and pain of the back caused by lying down for a long time. Baptisia is the best medicine to cure such symptoms. This medicine ends body tiredness and gets rid of pain. 
  12. Insomnia (sleeplessness):- In this disease, the patient is not able to sleep properly and suffers from restlessness. He scares much and also suffers from night-mare at the night. The patient feels as if his body has divided into many parts and spread on the bed. Sometimes, he is slept while speaking; these are the symptoms of insomnia. Baptisia is very useful for curing this disease.
  13. Skin related symptoms:- Baptisia is used to cure problems of blue flecks on the whole body, burning sensation of the skin, feeling of skin warmth, excessive sleep, wounds, light delirium and skin numbness. It also gets rid of pain quickly.
  14. Fever:- Baptisia should be used in cases of excessive coldness, tiredness, rheumatic pain of the body, feeling of warmth, but sometimes feeling cold, fever, typhoid and samudrik fever caused by weakness. Baptisia is the best drug for curing above symptoms.


These symptoms aggravate in fog, humidity and inside house.


Baptisia can be compared with Cryonia and Arsenic. Ailanthus is more powerful than Baptisia.

Anti-miasmatic drugs:-

Taking Baptisia removes bad effects of Arsenic in the cases of typhoid and typhus fever and also provides quick relief.  


Baptisia should be taken as 12 potency. Baptisia acts slowly on diseases. So, it can be used repeatidly for curing diseases.