Name in different languages:

Hindi           :        Paatala, Paadar

Sanskrit      :        Paatli, Paatala

Bengali       :        Paarul

Marathi       :        Paader

Gujarati      :        Kaakach

English       :        Banduknut

Taste : Banduknut (Paatala) is pungent and bitter.

Structure: The tree of banduknut (Paatala) height is high. Its flowers provide fragrance at night. There are two kinds of it as- White banduknut and black banduknut.

Characteristic: Banduknut (Paatala) cures many diseases as- Tridosha (Vatta, Pitta and kapha), anorexia, asthma, swelling, fever, blood disorder, cough, vomiting, over thirst and other diseases. It is useful to remove phlegm and throat problems and prevents loose motions. It increases urine and removes constipation.

Helpful in this disease:


  • Take powder banduknut (Paatala) flower with honey; it prevents hiccup.
  • Hiccup can ends by taking powder of banduknut (Paatala) flower and fruit with catechu (katha).
  • Licking the juice of banduknut (Paatala) flowers after mixing honey and gold ash in it ends hiccup.