Immerse any cloth in cold water and wrap it and thereafter any woolen cloth or flannel cloth is wrapped upon it. This process is called bandage of warm water. Its reason is that when the woolen cloth or flannel is wrapped on the wet bandage of cold water, internal cloth becomes warm within sometime by wrapping woolen cloth like this way. Immersing a bandage in warm water and tying it on the affected part is not warm bandage. 

        Bandage of warm water is used like bandage of cold water. But, the cloth is immersed in cold water and it is wrapped after squeezing properly in it and cloth of flannel cloth is wrapped upon it. Flannel or woolen cloth is wrapped 2-3 times in it. Warmth originates within sometime in internal wet cloth by it and it is called warm bandage. Sometimes, rubber or slicker is also used instead of cloth of the flannel or woolen in warm bandage.  

         When the cold bandage becomes warm within sometime due to woolen or flannel clothes, remove woolen or flannel cloth from upside and wrap it again on the affected part by immersing in water. This warm bandage is used on the patient for 3-6 hours. After that, bandage is changed. Keep one thing in the brain that thick or thin bandage is used in diseases according to physical capacity of the patient with it and upper bandage can be wrapped one or many times.

        If the patient has much physical capacity and he suffers from high fever, many bandage of cold water and less dry warm bandage are wrapped in this condition. But, while during treatment of weak person, these bandages are used to cure chronic diseases and generates sleep in the patient. To exclude polluted liquids from the body and generate calm disease, treatment is done by wrapping one wet bandage of cold water and 2-3 dry bandages. In case of chicken pox and high fever, when the bandage of cold water becomes dry or warm, it should be changed soon during the treatment.

          After tying bandage once, wash bandage cloth properly to clean and dry it. Keep one thing in the brain that when the bandage is removed from the patient’s body, clean affected part by rubbing with the help of wet towel immersed in cold water. Polluted liquid (which originates by bandage) is cleaned from the skin by it and the skin warmth ends. Magnetic power and vitality power of the body get increased and the skin starts its work naturally. This bandage is much beneficial in chronic diseases and pain.

Benefits in diseases-

        Bandage of warm and cold water is much beneficial to cool down internal warmth of the body. It helps in reducing increased warmth of the body and end skin tiredness and body dirt. It makes the blood circulation fast and reduces temperature. Mystification of the patient ends and he remains healthy by it.