Bandage of Cold Water


Introduction :

        There are two kinds of this bandage as bandage of cold water and bandage of warm water. When the bandage of cold water is wrapped, another dry cloth is not wrapped upon this bandage. This bandage is changed after every 2-5 minutes or cold water is sprinkled upon the bandage. If such parts are affected from the disease which can be sunk into the water, there is no need to wrap bandage on the parts because its benefits are like bandage.

Benefits in diseases by the bandage of cold water :

  • All types of pains and swelling and inflammation disappear by the bandage of cold water. This bandage is also beneficial in sprain, swelling, pain, burning from fire, biting of poisonous animals, broken bones, hurt and wounds. If any part of the body get injury because of coming in the contact of any sharp weapon, bandage of cold water should be tied on the affected part because it provides relief in pain. It is also beneficial in the pain caused by ulcer. While tying bandage, keep one thing in the brain that bandage should be wrapped according to pain. If the patient has been suffering from pain caused by broken bone, wrap a bandage on the affected part, then tie broken bone with the plank and wrap a bandage upon it again.
  • If the patient feels acute pain, put the affected part in cold water and move it. With it, press the bandage again and again after sometimes to squeeze water. Clean water reaches in the bandage by it and the patient gets relief in pain. Use much cold water in water bandage. However, keep one thing in the brain that ice water should not be used for it. If the pain does not disappear soon, tie bandage for a long time and keep on pouring cold water on the bandage repeatedly. Sometimes, this pain gets increased because of tying bandage tightly.
  • In this condition, keep the bandage in loose position. If the pain becomes gets reduced, stream of cold water should be poured on the bandage continue. This process is much useful to reduce the pain. To cure acute pain, tie a bandage on the affected part and pour stream of cold and warm water on this bandage one by one. All types of pain are cured by this activity.
  • If the pain or disease is cured by applying the bandage of cold water, that bandage should be opened. If this activity is not done, blood circulation starts to stop in that part by which numbness can be originated in the part. If the bandage has been applied for a long time to cure disease, bandage should be opened after some time again and repeatedly to circulate the blood in complete part. After opening the bandage from affected part, this part should be made warm by rubbing or fomenting for 2-3 minutes. After that, keep the bandage open for about 6 minutes and then tie bandage again.
  • In common pain, bandage should be put on the pain affected organ. Keep one thing in the brain that bandage should be half inch thick while applying bandage. Bandage does not move from its place. If someone wants to bandage on the wound or cut part, put a cloth soaked in coconut oil or other sesame oil on the affected part and then put bandage upon it. If the patient is weak and his body has become cold or his natural physical temperature is less, bandage of lukewarm water can be tied instead of cold water on the affected part. If the patient has been suffering from much bleeding due to hurt, apply bandage of cold water on the affected part because it helps in stopping bleeding.
  • The bandage of warm water is much beneficial to cure the diseases. This bandage of warm water is based on theory of temperature diagonal. In this bandage, when the bandage is tied on the affected part, the humid warmth (which stays under the bandage of warm water) absorbs blood outwardly resulting. The result of it is that skin pores get open and blood veins are opened by which the body temperature cools down.
  • Putting bandage of cold water in the fever is much beneficial because the veins (which circulate the blood) and skin pores are contracted by which warmth is not able in coming out from the patient’s body and the skin becomes warm and dry. This increased warmth of the body burns keeps on burning internal parts. Skin pores become opened by the bandage of cold water and excessive warmth of the body comes out from the body. In this way, the temperature cools down.