Balsamum pervianum




             Balsamum Peruvianum is used for preventing all types of secretion secreted from the body of the patient. The patient suffers from hectic fever and secretion which has rotten smell. This medicine is very useful for preventing secretion. Balsamum peruvianum can be used by three ways: 1. Taking  2. Applying and 3. Steaming atomizer machine.

Useful in different symptoms:

  1. Nose-related symptoms: Balsamum Peruvianum should be used for curing problems of nose-itching, small pimples or strokes of the nose, excessive secretion from the nose as thick phlegm and chronic coryza which has offensive smell.
  2. Symptoms related to breathing problems (pneumonia, thesis and bonchdieti): The patient suffers from yellow or green and thick pus or phlegm like white butter from the lungs which has offensive smell. The patient also suffers from fever, delirium and excessive sweating at night. Giving Balsamum Peruvianum to the suffered patient eliminates his problems.
  1. Cough related symptoms: Balsamum Peruvianum is used in case of phlegm with cough, strange sounds and phlegm, and sometimes, the patient suffers from vomiting during cough. This medicine provides quick relief in these symptoms.
  2. Symptoms related to urinary diseases: Balsamum Peruvianum is used for curing albuminuria and retention of urine.
  3. Stomach-related symptoms: Balsamum Peruvianum should be used for curing problems of chronic dysentery or blood with motions, severe amoebic dysentery and offensive pus with motions. It also cures the other symptoms of the stomach.
  4. Symptoms related to skin diseases: Balsamum Peruvianum is used for curing all types of wounds and symptoms of chronic cold and coryza. The patient who suffers from leprosy, thick and offensive pus from skin wounds and skin wounds caused by eczema, etc., should take Balsamum Peruvianum. It provides quick relief in above symptoms. Balsamum Peruvianum is also used for curing dry and wet itching.
  5. Symptoms related to breasts diseases: The woman, who suffers from wound in stroke of the nipples, should take 15 drops of Balsamum Peruvianum. It cures nipples’ stroke quickly.


           Balsamum Peruvianum can be compared with Balsamum Tolutanum and Olium Kariophilum medicines.


           Balsamum Peruvianum is used as 2x or 3 potency, but in the case of hectic fever, Balsamum Peruvianum 6x should be given.

Useful in other diseases:

  • Balsamum Peruvianum is also used for curing wounds, itching, cracked nipples and cracked skin. It also enhances skin strength and cures many diseases. It prevents offensive smell too.
  • One percent surasar or mixture of ither can be used with the help of a syringe for curing breathing-problems. Taking Balsamum Peruvianum cures chronic swelling of the respiratory tube and brings phlegm out. Taking Balsamum peruvianum after mixing 5 to 15 drops of gum water or white part of an egg provides quick relief in diseases.