Balanced sex life after marriage


Balance in sexual relations in married life:-

Often, it observed that relations between husband and wife remain normal after 4-5 years of marriage and they take real sexual pleasure of the married life but as the time passes as a distance take birth between their relations. Their balance of sexual relations also becomes imbalanced due this distance. Main causes of imbalanced sexual relations are different kinds of domestic problems. Generally, women become too much exhausted because of daily routine works and this is the reason that they do not want to establish sexual relation.  

When a man wants to make sexual relation and he gets no support of his wife during sexual intercourse, this problem worsens very much and there is same condition when the wife is pregnant. In this situation, sexual relations are stopped before two months of delivery. During this period, a man feels no problem in the absence of sexual intercourse. He has no desire for sexual intercourse in his heart during this period. He remains happy for his baby that is to come in this world. He thinks that he can live without making sexual relation for two months.  

Problem becomes worse when he wants to make sexual relation with his wife and she denies from making sexual relation. After the birth of a child, a woman does not want to establish sexual relation reputedly. This is the reason that she denies to her husband if he wants to establish sexual relation. She tries to avoid from sexual intercourse by making several kinds of false stories. Sometimes, she says that this is not the time of sexual intercourse or she denies by another way. In this situation, a man becomes disturbed both mentally and physically if he fails in making sexual relation in spite of excessive sexual urge.   

He becomes restless and angry due to depression. In the lack of sexual satisfaction, both husband and wife stop to talk to each other. In this way, a tense atmosphere makes in the family if sexual relations are not made between husband and wife. At this moment, a wife should take step patiently. She should not be angry over her husband. She should try to know why her husband is depressed. She should know the cause why he does quarrel with her. What is the cause that he does not talk with her like before?

Some women find out soon the cause of their wives’ changed behavior. She remembers that before some days, she has denied her husband to establish sexual relation and this is the reason of her husband’s wrath and anger. Thereafter, a rational wife tries to please her husband by different ways. She makes a plan to establish sexual relation with her husband. When her husband comes at home in the evening, she tries to talk with her husband.

In the beginning, the husband refuses but when the wife starts to play with her husband’s body, the husband gives up his anger. Thereafter, both husband and wife involve into sexual intercourse. Anger existed in the mind disappears after sexual intercourse and relation of love deepens between the two.  

In this way, a wife can solve all the problems she has with her husband because of her good understanding. Thus, a family is saved by wife from destroying. A woman should find out solutions of all the problems with the help of her good understanding. 

A man has quite different thinking about sex than the woman has. A man wants to take sexual pleasure without any obstruction (with full support of his wife). If a little problem comes in his way during sexual intercourse, he becomes restless. If obstruction originates due to him, he does not get too much angry but if obstruction is produced because of his wife, he becomes very much angry. Such kinds of situations take birth after the birth of children. Several changes towards sex take birth in a woman after delivery. Sexual urge of a woman reduces after the birth of a child. A man considers that all the sex problems have been produced by his wife.  

A woman gets equal pleasure during sexual intercourse. She involves in sexual activities mentally and physically. In this situation, here one question arises whether a woman creates an obstruction during sexual intercourse in reality or not. It is true that several changes come in a woman after delivery. It is necessary to know here what the main of cause of the lack of sexual urge in a woman is. These are such causes, which cannot be removed knowingly.

Cause of the changes in sexual urge after delivery:-

Physical causes:-

Both husband and wife establish sexual intercourse carefully for 6-7 months after conceiving. Sexual intercourse is not allowed in the eighth and last month of pregnancy in any condition. The reason of it is that there is doubt of hurt to the fetus developing in the womb by the process of stroking of the penis. This is the reason that both husband and wife do not make sexual relation before two months of delivery. 

A man should not establish sexual relation at any rate after forty days of delivery because a woman is not in the condition to make sexual relation. Here it means to say that a woman is not physically prepared to establish sexual intercourse after delivery. In this way, a man has to pass three months without sexual intercourse. The man feels no kind of mental problem during this period. Besides it, he rarely thinks about sexual intercourse during this period. 

Besides it, a man forgets about sexual intercourse because of the happiness of the newborn baby. In addition to, both husband and wife do not get chance to talk to each other at a lonely place because newborn baby ends their loneliness. In this way, changed behavior of the woman makes a man disturbed very much. He starts to feel despair and restlessness due to changed behavior of his wife. In this situation, if the woman steps carefully, she can avoid her husband by going on wrong path. In this way, a family is saved by the woman. 

Mental state:-

Another cause of change in woman towards sex after delivery is her mentality. Only the husband is the master of his wife love but after delivery love of a woman divides between husband and child. Often, a woman pays more attention over her child after delivery and she involves in her child. Because of this reason, she does not care of her husband. A husband wants to talk on essential topics to his wife but the wife prefers to feed her child if the child is weeping. Besides it, when the child is happy and keeps on laughing, the mother wants live with her child.       

She keeps on talking, playing and loving with her child continuously. She as a mother gets strange kinds of pleasure by passing her time with her child because she never got this kind of pleasure before. In this way, when a wife changes into mother, she loses into her child very much and she almost forgets about sexual relations. In this situation, such kinds of changes are natural in a woman after delivery. A man should not become disturbed by seeing such kinds of changes after delivery. Sometimes, a man also tries to bring a change in his sexual desires after seeing the changes that have come in his wife’s nature. on the contrary, many men have uncontrollable sexual urge and consequently, they committed many offences.   

In this way, all the people, who do not understand the changes and feeling of a woman after delivery, not only harm to their family but also themselves. Hence, both man and woman should keep a balance in their sexual relations. A man should try to understand the changes that come in the nature of a woman after delivery. Doing so is essential for a man. The women also should understand the feeling of men. They should find out a period to make sexual relations.  

Family status:-

A woman has to face double responsibilities after the birth of a child. She has to feed her child and change to wet clothes of her child along with several domestic deeds. A woman feels too much exhausted by doing such kinds of works and she loses her strength very much.

This is the reason that she does not prepare herself for sexual relations though she is mentally ready to make sexual relation. In this situation, she is considered wrong by the husband because of her changed behavior. At this time, a contention takes birth between husband and wife. Main cause behind this contention is that neither the husband tries to understand the mental condition of her wife nor the wife tries to understand her husband. In this situation, both husband and wife should try to understand to each other requirements.

Responsibilities of men:-

A man should step carefully and rationally by seeing the changes that have taken place in the nature of a woman after delivery. They should keep in their minds that women also takes equal pleasure as a man takes during sexual intercourse. It is not so that women become the victim of cold sexual power if they do not make sexual relations or they ignore sexual relations knowingly. Feelings of motherhood are existed in the hearts of women very deeply. Hence, when a woman gets motherhood in reality, the feeling existed in the heart of a woman come on surface. A mother has too much love in her heart for her child that she gives up all the deeds if her child is weeping.   

She cannot see her weeping child at any rate. She feels limitless pleasure when she loves and plays as well as passes her time with her child. Sometimes, she feels too much love for her child that love of the husband has no value for her but it happens occasionally. Restlessness of a mother start to decrease as a child grows. The woman starts to bend towards her husband gradually. Therefore, men should observe the mental and physical state of their wives. If a man makes sexual relation with her wife without her consent, it is not sexual intercourse but it is rape or sexual intercourse like beasts.

When a man makes sexual relation with his wife forcibly, only he has the body of his wife at that time. Soul and desire of the woman are not present with man at that time. A man should consider that such kinds of behavior are temporary in the mind of a woman not permanently. A woman comes back near her husband as time passes. Therefore, a husband should try to make sexual excitement normal and he should show his sexual urge and restlessness for sexual intercourse.  

At this time, if a contention takes birth between husband and wife because of sexual relations, it becomes very hard to end that contention. Giving full support to the woman by the husband is his moral and social responsibility. When a woman has been trying her best for her child’s life and health heartily, the man should not become salacious in any condition. If a man follows on these things mentioned above, several kinds of problems disappear themselves. Thus, there will be no dispute between husband and wife.

Responsibility of women:

Generally, several changes come in the nature of a woman after delivery but during the period of changes, a woman should never forget her duties at any rate. A woman should be aware with the fact that sexual intercourse is the biggest weakness and essential need of a man. This weakness and necessity of sex is present in a man since ancient period. A man has these qualities in the present time too. When this weakness increases in a man too much, incidents like rape take place. Superiority and quality of a woman is that she balances herself in such situations. A woman always should keep on maintaining a balance in her life.

After marriage, a woman has to care of her husband’s family and her husband. Thereafter, a woman has to balance her life between her husband and her child. In this way, a woman gets success in all her responsibilities and wins the hearts of her family member with the help of her intellectuality and understanding. In spite of such responsibilities, a woman forgets her duty especially after delivery. Her love turns towards her child very much. Sometimes, she gives her husband’s love to her child. Here it means to say that she loves her child and ignores her husband. Consequently, disputes and quarrels take place between husband and wife on tiny things.

A woman ignores her husband after delivery in the reference of sexual relations. Actually, she has no need to ignore her husband. There is no man who wants to make sexual relation with his wife during illness. Some men may have this kind of mentality but they are not faithful husbands of their wives. Such husbands do not love their wives but they love only the body of their wives. Such men are hungry for their wives body but this thing cannot be applied on all the husbands. A woman should make a balance between her husband and children so that her husband may not become the victim of depression and restlessness.

Women will have to understand one thing necessarily that if they adopt partiality while loving her husband and child, they will have to face several kinds of difficulties in their married life. Often, a woman loves her child more than she loves her husband after delivery. After marriage, the husband was the only entitle of the love of his wife but after delivery his wife’s love towards him reduces to some extant suddenly. Whenever a husband wants to talk with his wife lovingly or he wants to make sexual relation, she ignores or refuses to do so. The husband becomes angry and depressed because of such kinds of behavior of his wife. In this way, distances become long between husband and wife.   

A husband has to go another woman to get sexual satisfaction when he sees that his wife pays no attention towards him. It happens because a woman starts to love her child very much and her love towards her husband starts to reduce. When a husband observes such behavior of his wife, he tries to find out a woman who may fulfill his sexual requirements. Some men fulfill their sexual hunger by making sexual relation with harlot. Sexual relations with harlot result bad. A man becomes the victim of several sexual transmitted diseases after making sexual relations with harlots.

In this way, often, a husband goes on wrong path when he does not get required love from his wife after her delivery. The result of it is that married and family life of both husband and wife becomes troublesome. Hence, a wife should pay attention towards her husband necessarily after her delivery. She should not forget to love her husband by sinking into deep love in her child. If the wife ignores it, her husband may be mentally disturbed.    

It is the duty of a wife that she may share all the joys and sorrows of her husband in all the conditions. In addition to, a husband should do the same as mentioned above. Here it means to say that both husband and wife should share their joys and sorrows necessarily. A woman should not hurt the heart of her husband by doing any misdeed by mistake. She should not make situation in which her husband goes to another woman to get sexual satisfaction. Many women fulfill sexual demands of men by taking money. On the contrary, many women suffer from such kinds of problems too. 

A man absorbs into the deepness of another woman’s love so much that he starts to ignore his family. Another woman does not disappear easily from a man’s life. Family life of man starts to decay because of the presence of such kind a woman. To avoid such kind of situation, both husband and wife should try to understand to each other necessarily. A woman should step carefully if her husband demands for sexual relations because sexual relation is very important in family life of a couple.

Bond of love and confidence is as stronger as their sexual relations are good.  There is contention between husband and wife if sexual relations of them are not in harmonious state. Tensions, depression and aggressiveness take birth between husband and wife if there sexual relations are not in good position. Sometimes, a family destroys in such conditions and life of both becomes troublesome. Hence, sexual relations between husband and wife before and after delivery should be very good if they want to make their family and married life happy and pleasurable.   

Balance in sexual relations:-

In this way, it is very necessary for a woman after delivery that she may keep a balance in sexual relation. If the husband demands to make sexual relation repeatedly, the wife should not disrespect of her husband’s feelings. She should persuade her husband lovingly and respectfully. A husband will not force his wife to establish sexual intercourse if the wife persuades him rationally. Each man can understand the mental and physical condition of the woman if the woman behaves lovingly.

In addition to, a woman should not make a situation, which may compel to her husband to think that his wife’s love has reduced very much because of the presence of the child. It is not necessary for a woman that sexual relations make a balance of love between child and husband. Bond of love between husband and wife can be strengthened by laughing, conversing, making fun and making plans about child’s future.   

Besides it, if the wife embraces and kisses along with the desire of making sexual relation with her husband, bond of love between husband and wife deepens very much. Nothing is wrong in making sexual relation if the woman has to time for coition. A man not only gets great pleasure through sexual relation but also a woman. in this way, a woman can avoid from several kinds of troubles in her life by making balance of love in her family.

Both husband and wife will have to understand their responsibilities for mutual relationship. Contentions start to take place in married life if one between the two ignores herhis responsibilities. If none between the two tries to end the contention, family breaks completely. Sexual relations between husband and wife are responsible to some extant for this situation. A husband should not hate to his wife because of sexual relations. In this way, if both husband and wife try to make mutual understanding, no problem will take birth.

Both husband and wife get great happiness after the birth of a child. Thinking about child’s future is the responsibility of both husband and wife. if both husband and wife quarrel to each other after the birth of child, the child suffers very much duet to their quarrel. Therefore, tension should not be created between husband and wife in the matter of sexual intercourse. A husband should never think that his wife’s love towards him has been reduced after the birth of child. A woman gets great pleasure when she gets motherhood on the very first time. As child grows as mother’s care towards her child starts to reduce.    

A woman needs her husband again when her child starts to study or starts to far from her. Love between husband and wife deepens and no problem take birth because of the presence of child. Hence, both husband and wife should try to make a balance in their life whether it is related to sex or family.