Diet Plan for Pregnant Women


Pregnancy articles:


          The normal weight of a child, at birth time, is about 3.5 kg. when he/she lives inside the uterus, he/she gets about 500 g protein, 14 g phosphorus, 24 g calcium and 4 g iron element through blood. All these elements play an important role in the growth of the child. Hence, all these elements have their own importance in the body of a pregnant besides other element that is needed for herself. A woman can fulfill the required element to her baby only when she is healthy and has all the essential elements needed for the nourishment of the baby in her body.

          After conception, it is necessary for the pregnant to be careful about her health, because the growth of the baby inside the uterus goes on continuing. The baby needs essential elements daily. the growth of the embryo takes place in the last three months i.e. seventh, eighth and ninth month. After completing 9 months of pregnancy, the embryo is converted in to a full grown child. the weight of the child at this time included ¼ of his/her mother’s blood. Therefore, nutritive substances must have present in the diet of the pregnant in this period like- milk, cheese, ghee, fruits, etc. these substances are very beneficial for the pregnant. Addition to them, green vegetables and pulses also provide nutrition to her.     

          Today, in our country, many women do not able to get even normal food. Normally the pregnant eats in the last after serving all the members of her family but it is not enough for herself and her unborn baby. Therefore, she should take as much food as her appetite could calm down, because if she does not get appropriate food, she will give birth to weak child.    

          Appropriate food (balanced diet) is not only necessary for unborn child, but it is also important for good health of the pregnant. Normally, vomiting starts in a woman after conception. She vomits out whatever she eats. Due to it, she avoids eating anything and thinks that whatever she eaten will comes out. 

          The mother needs no any particular type of nutritive diet till 3 months after conception and she goes on nourishing the baby with her normal food, because in this period, the baby is present as the foetus (embryo).

Essential elements in the diet of a pregnant-


300 gram


33 gram


105 gram

Vitamin ‘A’

750 micro gram

Vitamin ‘B’

50 gram

Vitamin ‘C’

121 gram

Vitamin ‘D’

200 gram


110 gram


85 gram


35 gram


36 gram


30 gram


150-200 gram

Dry fruits

35 gram


40 mg

Milk and milk products

500 mg

          If diet is not given to the pregnant according to above chart, the baby inside the uterus starts taking his/her nutrition from mother’s body that causes deficiency of blood in mother’s body. Such woman often is suffered from anemia and puerperal fever after giving birth to young ones as well as it also affects child’s health badly. If it is not possible to give costly nutritive substances, other eatables like- milk, green vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, sprouted pulses, etc. can be given to her.

          Becoming a woman pregnant is not as much important as being careful during pregnancy and taking appropriate balanced. Because only a woman cared properly during her pregnancy gives birth to a healthy child. 

          A pregnant needs 25 % extra calorie compared to a normal woman. But many women stop working after conception, so they get required calorie from their food. If she needs vitamins, green vegetables, tomato, carrot, turnip, cabbage, etc. can be given to her. Milk is the best in case of deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in the body. For getting 1-2 g calcium and phosphorus, a woman needs about 1250 ml milk. Well these elements can be obtained from peas, lady’s fingers, green vegetables, bean, cashew nut, almonds, etc. if a woman has lack of minerals in her body during pregnancy, curviness is occurred in the spinal cord and in the bones of hands-legs of the baby, suffered from tooth diseases, the bones of both mother and child fall soft and there is the possibility of occurring rickets in child. Hence, diet having appropriate amount of minerals is very important for a pregnant.     

Deficiency of blood (anemia)-

          All women are lost blood during her menstruation every month that may causes lack of iron too in her body. And when she becomes pregnant, extra blood required for the growth of baby, by that crop, she has more lack of blood in her body. Therefore, she needs such eatables that could form blood inside her body. If the pregnant has appropriate blood in her body, the baby inside her uterus goes on nourishing properly. 

Deficiency of vitamins-

          Vitamin ‘A’ acts as fighting against diseases. It protects our body from disorders related to blood and from other diseases too. In this way, vitamin ‘B’ provides protection against skin diseases and makes the nerves strong. The most important organ of the human body is heart, so it is necessary that the heart remains free from diseases so that heartbeats could remain normal. For this purpose,  vitamin ‘C’ should have in appropriate quantity inside the body. It makes the heart strong not only of mother but also the heart of baby. Women who have the history of miscarriages should take vitamin ‘E’ regularly. This vitamin is good for those women too who are not able to conceive. If a woman feels that she can not able to become mother (pregnant), she should take such food stuffs which have enough vitamins ‘E’.   

          Now, everyone will have understood that a woman should take nutritive and balanced diet in her pregnancy period. But one thing is also important that exercises are necessary to digest food properly. Normally as much calorie is given to the pregnant as she does not do physical work or exercises, which is harmful for her health. Fat starts thickening that may causes heavy and formless muscles. Different types of diseases are occurred in other body parts like- heart, lungs, eyes, brain, face, etc. the thighs, calves, hips, waist, stomach and arms of the woman start appearing as heavy and fat. Due to increasing fat in the body, she starts feeling difficulty in breathing that also affects the baby inside the uterus. In few cases, when mother does not able to take breath for long time, the breath of the baby is stopped.      

Important tips-

          If a woman wants that her body organs goes on working properly in pregnancy period, fat did not increase additionally in her body, she should keep on doing small house hold works by leaving lethargy. She should go for walking in the morning and evening daily and do light exercises too.