Balanced diet



        Protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, natural salt and water are the essential parts of the food.

       Every element among these is as important as other elements are because they depend on other to do their work properly. Therefore, such elements should be present in the food necessarily.

       All the needed elements have been gifted by nature for good health. But, these elements are found in rich quantity whereas many foodstuffs have these elements ioodstuff has what kind of elen poor quantity. Therefore, having information about is very necessary. We should be aware about the fact that what fments and can be got properly. We should take our meal according this rule.


        Protein is necessary for the body structure and body growth. It keeps us far from the harmful effect.

Deficiency of protein-

        Many types of problems occur in the body as tiredness, weakness, no development, liver weakness, weakness of the fibers of the mother and child body during pregnancy, lack of milk in the breast of mother, improper nourishment of the fibers and other problems. A person becomes old before time because of the deficiency of protein.

Excessiveness of the protein-

        As lack of protein generates many problems in the same way, excessiveness of the protein generates many problems too in the body. The problem of less protein can be finished by giving excessive quantity of protein but the whole body is tested for getting rid of the problem of excessive protein.

        Excessive quantity of protein destroys the liver and kidneys. It causes rheumatism too because of gathering stool and urine in the burls and the blood also becomes polluted too. The stool flows in the arteries and veins and because of this reason there is a pressure in the process of blood circulation. Therefore, its effect makes the heart weak and sometimes blood pipes burst because of increasing blood pressure. Sometimes, one faces paralysis too because of this reason. Besides these, different types of small diseases occur.

Source of Protein -

         Milk, fruit, pulse, grain, seed, pea, green leaves are the sources of protein. Soya-bean contains rich quantity of protein. 

        The body needs 50-60 grams protein to do normal work.  As one-gram protein should be taken on one-kilogram weight.


Our body gets strength and warmth by the carbohydrate.

Lack of carbohydrate-

Lack of carbohydrate brings laziness, looseness and loss of zeal in our body.

Richness of carbohydrate-

         Excessive quantity of carbohydrate in the body makes a perso fat. It becomes the cause of the origin of many diseases when it gathers in the breathing pipe, stomach, intestines, heart and uterus as trachoma, stomach, intestines, heart and uterus in the form of polluted stool.

There are two kinds of carbohydrates-

1. Starch-

        The food, which contains clamminess, is called starch. This food changes into sugar after digestion and it gathers in the liver and muscles by becoming sweet. Scientists have divided it into three parts-

Easily digestible-

It is gotten by banana, potato, turnip, papaya, sesapadula plum, orange, apple, pineapple, guava etc. sweet fruits. 

Easily digestible-

It can be gotten from rice, barley, maize corn and other tuber roots.

Hardly digestible:

         It is found in one sided grains as wheat, sorghum, millet, etc. if chaffs are removed completely from these grains, they become hundred percent acidic.

2. Sugar:

There are five types of it-

1. Milk sugar-

A mammal needs it at the time of pregnancy. It is found in rich quantity in the milk of a woman.

2. Grapes sugar-

         It is found in rich quantity in grapes, honey and other fruits. Some scientists have told it pre digestive food because the digestive system needs not to do hard work in its digestion. This is the reason that the water of honey and currants is given to provide quick strength.

3. Fruit sugar-

        It is found in all the sweet fruits. It is also found with glucose in the plants’ juice. Starch of the fruit turns into sugar by ripping the fruit, so always ripe fruit should be taken. By taking raw fruit, a person gets acid instead of alkali. Fruit sugar is harmless than the other sugar for the diabetes patient. Its digestive activity is in the small intestines.

4. Grain sugar-

        It is always found in the particles of wheat, barley, rice etc and other starchy substances. Besides the sugar, many salts, calcium, iron and many vitamins are also found in it. Its digestive activity starts from red juice in the mouth and ends in the small intestines.

5. Sugarcane sugar-

  • It is the sugar of mill, which is prepared from the sugarcane. It contains such power that provides only warmth. It is acidic. It has several diseases. The more the sugar is the more it becomes harmful for a person. Its useful properties start to destroy as essential elements as calcium, iron and other natural salt.
  • The digestive system gets calcium and iron from the body to digest sugar and too fulfill the lack of its lost elements. Consequently, there is a lack of these elements in our body and its effect affects all the bones but there is too much effect of it on the teeth. Oxgelic acid originates in the body by taking excessive sugar, which is not necessary for the body and the body has no need of this thing. If it does not get complete calcium to digest sugar, it produces tremor inside the body by living in the body.
  • After knowing about it, we think what should be used by us after the use of sugar then its means that use sugarcane, jaggery, dates, currants, banana, fig, mango and sweet fruits.
  • Common body needs 200-500 grams carbohydrate for the hard work.


        Greasiness also provides warmth in the body like carbohydrate. It is best food for the strength. It is very useful to increase the body strength and makes the body smooth. The greasiness without sugar keeps on burning because it does not produce dew and the person feels tiredness. For digesting to greasiness, a person should take deep breath to keep liver, clome gland and small intestines healthy.

        Presence of Iodine is necessary in the food to reduce the greasiness of food otherwise; a person will become the victim of scrofula because of the disturbing of a gland named chullika gland.     

Kinds of greasiness-

        There are many kinds of greasiness but mainly it has been divided into two parts.


        It is found in every type of oil, sesame, Indian mustard, olive oil, sunflower, groundnut, linseed and all the dry fruits as coconut, almond, walnut, cashew, pistchew, cudappa almond and chilgoja.

Greasiness, which is gained from the animals-

        Milk and other greasy substances of animal- the goat milk contains greasiness too.