Back ache



        A patient has to face several kinds of problems due to back ache. He can not do any work which is done by bending.

Symptoms of backache:

  • When a person feels stiffness and pain on his back, he starts to suffer from backache.
  • When the patient of backache bends his body, he suffers from excessive pain in his back.
  • When the patient suffers from any other disease, he suffers from very much. For example, he suffers very much while coughing or sneezing because of jerking. Consequently, the patient starts to suffer from backache. 
  • The patient feels constant light backache in this disease.
  • When the patient bends forwardly or sits on the chair in a bending position or lifts heavy weight, he suffers unbearable backache.

Causes of backache:

  • A person suffers from backache if he has got injury on his back by anyway.
  • Any kind of pressure on the back produces backache.
  • A person can suffer from back ache if he sleeps on too much soft and cozier cushion. 
  • Inflammation on the joint of vertebrae of back may be the cause of backache.
  • Muscles of a person become weak due to the lack of nutritive elements in the body because of which several diseases take backbone in their grip. Bones of the back become weak too and the victim starts to suffer from backache.
  • A person can suffer from backache because of several other kinds of different diseases as gout or other diseases.
  • A troublesome change in the backbone may be the cause of the origin of backbone.
  • When the cartilage, which covers the joints of the body of a person, is destroyed, the victim suffers from backache if any bone of the body is moved.  
  • A person can become the victim of backache due to laziness or by lying on the bed for long time.
  • Backache takes a person in its grip if a person sits or stands in a wrong position.
  • A person suffers from backache if high heeled footwear or shoes are put on.  
  • Any kind of disorder in menstrual excretion is the main cause of the origin of back ache.

Treatment of backache according to naturopathy:

  • The patient of backache should take fruits and sprouted grains on large scale.
  • The patient should drink juice of different kinds of fruits regularly by which the backbone and other bones of the back become strong. Thus, backache disappears by doing so for some days regularly.
  • The patient of this disease should take a rest for long time.
  • Ice should be kept on the back for sometime to get rid of backache. Its use provides lots of relief.
  • A cloth drenched in cold water should be kept on his back and the cloth should be kept on changing after short intervals. Backache stops soon by doing so.
  • A person should keep his pain affected portion of back a little high so that the blood accumulated there may reach in the different portion of the back. Thus, backache disappears by doing so.  
  • The patient should massage his back lightly. Thereafter, hot and cold application should be applied on the back.
  • The patient should stand before the sunrays by putting off clothes so that sunrays may fall on the body directly. Sunrays have ultraviolet rays which circulate the accumulated blood and backache disappears. Mud pack and clod covering should be applied on the back after fomentation of back.
  • The patient should take neutral back bath to reduce backache.
  • Neutral jet massage should be done to reduce the stiffness and backache. He should take whirlpool bath.
  • The patient should not do such exercise which may produce backache. The patient should not lift heavy weight and he should remain far from any kind of jerking.
  • The patient should do Vasan Kirya regularly so that spinal cord may become active and backache may reduce because of the pressure that falls on the last portions of the nerves
  • The patient should not take spiced and fried things, fatty things, sugar, curd, spices, tea and coffee at any rate.
  • The patient of this disease should take such foodstuffs which have calcium, vitamin ‘C’ and vitamin ‘D’.
  • Mix sesame in milk and drink regularly. The patient of this disease gets lots of relief by drinking this milk.
  • First, the patient should apply hot application on his back. Thereafter, he should take back bone bath and then he should massage to the back. After that, he should take rest by lying on the bed. A person should pay attention while sleeping that backbone should be in erect position and in an elastic position.    
  • There are several kinds of exercises to end backache. A patient of this disease gets rid of backache by doing these Asanas. Such exercises are as Bhujanga-Asana, Dhanur-Asana, Shalabha-Asana and Asanas in which backache is bent backwardly. The patient should remember one thing while doing these Asanas. He should not do any Asana in which a person has to bend forwardly.