Bacillinum is used for curing many types of diseases, but especially it is used for curing T.B. This medicine is very useful for curing tuberculosis. It brings excessive phlegm out. Taking Bacillinum, supplies much air in the lungs, which throws out infected liquids from blood and clears the lungs, at last T.B. is cured completely.  

            When the patient feels breathing-problems and pus collecting in the respiratory-tube which comes out as phlegm due to greasy phlegm like pus, this medicine affects on above symptoms. Bacillinum is used for curing such types of patient. It throws pus out from the body and prevents the formation of pus. It cures breathing-problems of the patient. At last, Bacillinum cures tuberculosis. Bacillinum is also used for curing other diseases besides tuberculosis.

            Bacillinum is very useful for curing the lungs diseases of old aged person who always suffers from cold and catarrh. Besides it, the person who suffers from blood disorders of the lungs, cough and fits of that removing dirt from teeth. The people who always suffer from cold and coryza, Bacillinum is the best medicine for them too.

1. Head-related symptoms: Bacillinum is used for curing different symptoms of head like- dullness, irritation and intense headache. The patient feels that someone is tied the rope on his head and he also suffers from ringworms and itching on his eyelids. This medicine is very useful for curing these symptoms. 

2. Stomach-related symptoms: Bacillinum should be used in cases of stomachache, tabes messenterica (intestines T.B), constipation, dilute loose motions before taking meals and offensive gas caused by constipation. It cures diseases and gets rid of pain quickly.

Symptoms of the respiratory organs:

  • No one Bacillinum can be used for curing problems of wet asthma, cough sound in respiratory pipe, suffocation and breathing-problems due to coryza. It also brings pus and phlegm out.

  • The patient who suffers from swelling in the respiratory tube, he has phlegm full of pus which is poly bacillary. Poly bacillary is a mixture of different virus. Bacillinum is very useful for curing such types of problems. Taking Bacillinum cures congestion in the lungs and consumption too.

Skin-related symptoms: The patient who suffers from such diseases of skin in which acnes (keel) appear on the skin and the layers never appear on these acnes. These acnes appear on the face again and again. The patient also suffers from eyelids-itching and enlargements of neck-glands. Bacillinum is used for curing such types of skin-disease.


            Diseases aggravate at night, in the morning and by walking in cold air.  


            Bacillinum is compared with drugs like- Antimonium Iod, Lachesis, Arsenicum Iodatum, Myosotis and levico. Giving 5-10 drops of these medicines to weak person provides quick relief. 

Complimentary medicines:

            Calcarea-phophorica and kali-carbocunim are complimentary drugs of Bacillinum.


            Bacillinum can be compared with ‘Tuberculinum’. Both the medicines are used for curing consumption. When the symptoms of lungs consumption are found in the patient, these medicines are very useful. Taking Bacillinum in the beginning of diseases related to the glands, joints and skin, and T.B. of bones provides quick relief. Especially Bacillinum testium is used for curing diseases of the lower parts of the body.


            Bacillinum should be neither given again and again nor given as lower potency below 30 potency. Bacillinum should be taken once in a week. This medicine provides quick relief in several diseases. One dose of this medicine cures many diseases.