Baby’s Life


1. Activities of the baby up to one month from birth-

        One month old baby do different types of activities like- moving hands and legs, unable to make the head up without any support, trying to hold other’s fingers, looking any moving object at the distance up to 30 cm, moving the mouth towards nipple, sudden crying after hearing any loud voice, laughing while feeding, etc.

2. Activities of 3 months old baby-

        3 months old baby pulls clothes and toys by holding them with mouth, making the head up as lying on the stomach, trying to clutch every nearer things or objects, moving the head for looking any passing objects or things, making sound of joy (kilkari), trying to know happily the indications of talk and of coming nearer of anyone, etc.  

3. Activities of 6 months old baby-

        At this age, the baby is become little able physically. He/she sits with the support of pillow and moves the pillow up by head while lying. He/she is moved by his/herself all around on the bed. The baby also tries to drink milk with hold bottle in his/her hand; taking any objects by leaving previous one; clapping with both the hands, trying to speak something with holding toys in his/her hands; identifying his/her milk bottle; laughing loudly, crying at the time of hunger or after displeasing due to any reason; playing by holding his/her fingers or toes and sucking them, etc.

4. Activities of 9 months old baby-

        The baby of this age starts moving on the knees or sitting without any support as well as trying to stand with the help of any support, trying to eat biscuit by holding it in his/her hands, trying to up his/her arms while making him/her to wear clothes, speaking word ‘Maa’, going to only familiar peoples and starts crying in other’s lap, craving for anything by pointing with his/her fingers, trying to put anything in the mouth after holding with hands, etc.  

5. Activities of 12 to 15 months old baby-

        The baby of this age starts trying to walk after standing without any support, walking on knees, playing with toys in his/her hands, putting one toy on other, holding small objects in between thumbs and fingers, drinking water by little support, looking photo carefully, trying to write with ball pen after seeing anyone, understanding letters, trying to speak, identifying front articles, doing bye-bye with moving hand, clapping, looking any object by holding it in his/her hands, taking only eatables to the mouth and going to only familiar people, playing, etc.

6. Activities of 18 months old baby-

        The 18 months old baby tries to climb on stairs as well as do other activities like- walking, playing, trying to eat spoon with holding it in his/her hands, throwing ball, trying to copy elders of family, trying to sweep after looking mother, muttering after hearing songs, understanding and speaking book’s letters, doing normal works, identifying other people, etc.

7. Activities of 2 years old child-

        When the child is grown up to 2 years, he/she starts walking in reverse, walking by holding cycle but not able to stroke paddle, playing with toys, speaking normal words after making, speaking his/her name, singing after hearing song, do not urinate again and again, shouting after becoming unpleasing of any matter, do not give his/her things to other, etc. such type of child must be in the guidance of his/her parents. 

8. Activities of 3 years old child-

        the child of this age starts doing following works like- riding small cycle with stroking paddle, jumping, standing on feet, playing with toys, using pencil, cutting papers and clothes with scissors, identifying colors, doing writing works, telling his/her name, speaking by showing photos, singing song or poem by seeing or after hearing, wearing clothes by him/herself, do not urinate at night, playing outside with others, doing small household works, giving his/her things to other, loving others, etc.