In summer season, persons who work in sunlight or walk in sunlight for long time become the victim of giddiness. Women who work in kitchen may be the victim of giddiness because of excessive heat. Some persons suffer from giddiness when they feel suffocation because of excessive crowd.


          A person becomes the victim of this disease because brain or physical weakness. If you stand from the bed after rest or he has been suffering from infectious disease. Excessive use of tea, coffee and other hot foodstuffs are other causes of this disease.


          In this disease, a person feels that everything is moving and he does not observe anything clearly. When a person suffers from giddiness, he feels darkness before his eyes. If the victim is weak, he falls down due to giddiness. The patient suffers from over thirst and anorexia in this condition.

For reading tips click below links      Such medicines provide lots of relief in giddiness:
1.     Mulberry:


    A person can avoid from heat by eating mulberry. The victim becomes free from giddiness by its use.
    2.     Barley:


      A person gets coolness by drinking sattu of barley. He gains a power to bear heat.
      3.     Myrolelans:


        Grind myrolelans and mix jiggery in equal quantity. Prepare tablets equal to pigeon seeds and take two tablets with water every morning after breakfast in summer season. A person remains far from those diseases that occur due to heat as giddiness.
        4.     Pomegranate:


          Eat pomegranate or drink its juice in summer, it ends the problem of giddiness and the victim remains far from other diseases that occur due to heat.
          5.     Indian gooseberry

          Indian gooseberry

            A person does not suffer from over thirst and remains far from other diseases if he takes Indian gooseberry juice or syrup of its juice.
            6.     Water:


              Cotton piece of cloth immersed in cold water proves very beneficial if there is pain in the hands and feet or the patient feels nervousness.
              7. Lemon:


                A person should take lemon syrup (shikanji) to get relief in suffocation caused by heat. Brain of a person remains fresh by its use.
                8. Cucumber:


                  • Use of cucumber proves beneficial in summer.
                  • Take cucumber, tomato, radish and sugar beet as salad with meal twice a day. Squeeze lemon juice on the salad. Its use treats the disease named giddiness.
                  9. Almond:


                    Immerse 3-4 almonds in water and grind in the morning after peeling them. Take this preparation with milk to end the weakness of the brain. The person does not become the victim of giddiness by its use.
                    10. Date palm:

                    Date palm:

                      Boil 2-3 date palms in milk. Drink this milk and eat these date palms. Its use ends the giddiness produced due to lack of sperm.